avengers x reader lemon quotev. "I love you more than life itself, Midoriya Izuku! I'll love you till the end of time and beyond!" Around you, people smiled and giggled, but you paid them no mind, too focused on proclaiming your love for your precious boyfriend. Apr 17, Avengers x reader soulmate wattpad Bnha hawks x reader lemon Twice x fem reader reactions Yandere x reader forced - - wattpad It eddie x reader lemon X child reader lemon forced wattpad. "Daddy!!" Coulson X Reader X Steve lemon. Can I request an avengers smut (Steve or BuckyxReader or whatever) with stubble involved? Thanks!"Your fingers rummaged through the drawers . That is, until you meet Loki, who turns you into a Madefrost. Uncanny Avengers, a mutant-heavy Spin-Off of The Avengers that features the X-Men members Wolverine, Rogue, Havok and Sunfire as main characters. Read Avengers x Daughter!reader from the story Avengers x Reader by Croozer99 (Tori-Lynn) with 9,741 reads. Another hand motion, you brought a series of tools to your Revengers x karma Reader death, kidnapping, dolls, blood to stop the flow oil! Revengers fanfic Transformation Destiny Adult Chifuyu x Reader lemon - biketravelszczecin. Now, with the war over, she finds herself lost and without purpose, struggling to cope with the guilt war always leaves behind, and spiraling uncontrollably down a never-ending drain, waiting for somebody to catch her fall. Steve Rogers Smut Imagine - Shower after a rough Mission ***. Honeymoon Request for Faze A/N: Borrowed some ideas from my roleplay with The Silver Iris. Reyna was more than content to spend the rest of her days in bliss with her siblings, Mama, and Norman, but of course all good things come to an end. With magic keeping you from using your powers and Asgardian ropes binding you to a chair, Loki has you in his grasp. About Buck Simon The In Bloke A Saw Woods. “Hey could you do a Steve x Reader smut?. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. It decays until nothing physical is left. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The sky above you is deep mauve, while the sun is sunken below the clouds. Laughter (Bucky Barnes X Amputee!Reader) Summary : Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers hope that it'll only take one person- you- who refuses to tiptoe around Bucky Barnes and his metal arm. Ayano X Fem Reader Lemon Recipes. You were a SHIELD agent like Nat and Clint when you met Thor for the first time in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico in 2011. Set back in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, a man and woman by the names of Y/n Strange and Loki Odinson are betrothed because the Odinson's need the money or else they'll be living on the streets and the Stranges want to be high in society. He remarked letting out a muffled moan. True forms: Loki x fem!reader by Anna Watson. Vampire loki x reader lemon General Batfam. •the battle went on for a bit, but soon the hellfire club retreated, taking you with them. Venom Symbiote (Marvel)/Reader - Works | Archive of Our Own Male!Reader X Kuroo TetsurÅ. That is, until a rip in time and space sent her to Helen, a mysterious Greek demigod who could bend water and was spending New Year's Eve alone. 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow FanFiction Archive. It will include Steve, Tony, Clint, Loki, Thor, Bruce and possibly Pietro. "Daddy!!" Your voice echos through the to. REQUESTED BY: Skippy From Tech Support Calm Bruce, Calm Hulk. i'm having a little trouble with the smut and deciding how dark i'm comfortable going with chapter ten but . Chaos still reigns and rules the streets, but Loki sends his subordinates to put an end to this and gain order again. » warning : uh, read the first part so you know what’s going on. The Mayhem Of His Heart (Dark!Loki x Reader Lemon/Smut/Forced Marriage) First Cycle - Chapter 02. Blue (Loki Laufeyson x Reader). Pairing: Loki (Avengers) x Reader. Female X Reader Forced Lemon. Camilo Madrigal x Reader Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Haikyuu Male Reader X Reader Anime X . But beware, the world is not as kind as your own nest. 23 Harry Potter x female reader (smut!) part 2. Avengers | Clint Barton Tony Stark | Fanfiction Romance Love Danger Adventure Fluff Lime Lemon Language Warning. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)/Reader. On it, smeared with a red substance, were the words:. These were your thoughts as Bruce was leaned . When two girls crash (literally) into the shields meeting room and kicks half of the Avengers ass's what happens when shield finds out the two twins Alex and Luna are their new enemy LOKi'S daughters!. A close friend searches for ways to help, and a scar from the past gets. With your shared experiences and terrible, terrible senses of humour, maybe he'll start to open up. You are the Blaze, newest member of the Avengers. You had made a couple of friends serving your term. Avengers X Reader Soulmate Au Ao3. Pairing: Mob Boss! Bucky Barnes x Mob ! Boss Y/N Fox (Bucky Barnes x female reader). You always try to help the elderly and you work as a maid in Snow White's castle and you are very honored of that. You are a Midgardian thinking herself in a self-proclaimed exile. Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut] Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x . You were settled back into your old room at Avengers tower. Suddenly you feel a warm presence behind you. Mighty Good Man (Thor Odinson x Reader). [yandere human lemon demon x male reader x others] To think, waking up to the sound of your window sliding open would result in this A man, a monster, a demon-in your home, holding you for a ransom paid only by your presence. start over // todoroki x f!reader. "Still know how to joke, Rogers?" You chuckled tiredley. There you are, you rat bastard! You think happily and you run for the opening, lunging for him only to nearly fall on your ass. Search thousands of other internships, scholarships and other student programs in 120+ countries. Just before, everything was a rush; Running, tripping, and falling right off the ledge. S&x1D00s&x1D1C&x1D0B&x1D07 â ¦ Powered by My Must Reads Upcoming Events. The reader wakes up in a hospital, with an unfamiliar boy sleeping in the chair beside her. One of his subordinates finds you, rescues you from an assault. You had elemental powers, but that didn't limit you to fire, earth, water, and air. An end to a past soon left, and the beginning of the answers she so prays every night. Avengers x male reader lemon wattpad. You wear the pants (Captain America X Reader Lemon). A drunken conversation between the heads of the Marvel verse has changed that and Harry has ended up with Gamer powers among other things. Pairing: Peter Parker x Male Reader Word Count: 2614 Genre: Fluff Warning (s): None. x reader avenger chats hawkeye puns bad puns Avengers marvel hawkeye chat. Loki X Reader: Devilish Plan (One-Shot!) [Crack! Lemon) Asgard Thor had brought you and Jane to Asgard, Thor had also gotten his brother Loki out of Asgardian jail so he could help Thor defeat Malekith. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. You were one of the first to find out about Loki taking Odin’s place, and you had kept quiet so far. You and Akaza said in unison, voices in sync with one another. Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive avengers x male reader Possessive avengers x male reader warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap y'alls fucking About. Jane walked up to Loki and slapped him as hard as she could. Original Character(s)/Reader. If she +30 million members from around the world Platonic Avengers x Child Reader Stories Quotev. Reader Teen Wolf Nogistune Supernatural Steve Rodgers. Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers; Fluff; avengers x reader - Freeform; Steve Rogers x Reader - Freeform; Angst; Romance; Summary. Geralt x Reader The reader is pregnant but the child is not from Jaskier. Your (F/C) bikini sags slightly with the weight of the salty seawater. You jumped out of the tree you had been in with skill, moving in the background as you moved closer to the base. 'You can trust me' well trust me, loki, when I find you I'm gonna fucking murder you, you think angrily as you move towards the entrance. You spent the next two hours wearing yourself out. Sans just giggled and stretched out his arms with a yawn. YANDERE THOR X READER X YANDERE LOKI. The day Tony was going to formally introduce him to the other Avengers. [Harry Potter Various X Reader] In which you, a young witch in the making, will board the journey of a lifetime as you get to know the world at large. Breathe (Steve Rogers x Reader). Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. ] Language: English Words: 292,906 Chapters: 72/? Kudos: 7 Hits: 216. Pairing: Thor Odinson (Avengers) x Reader. He wanted to be the one you wrapped your arms around. After the fall of the Avengers in a world controlled by Ultron, the only thing left are their children. At the time, you weren’t so sure what to think of him. Throughout Natasha's entire life, she'd done nothing except kill, and kill some more. The man quickly turned around and shot the girl a sheepish grin. Apr 17, Avengers x reader soulmate wattpad Bnha hawks x reader lemon Twice x fem reader reactions Yandere x reader forced - – wattpad It eddie x reader lemon X child reader lemon forced wattpad. Moving back in with your dad had been somewhat difficult. A story of two kindred spirits. World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. Avengers x autistic reader Louis suburbto another. 'I know where the part is' he said, 'Come with me,' he said. example Anonymous said: eddie. "You have a choice; you let me on your team, or I go and join another. Emperor Belos is Philip Wittebane (The Owl House) Reader-Insert. Here's a Captain America lemon. You smiled as he stood, holding up a jacket for you to slip your arms into. Snow White x Reader fanfic) 141K 4. Natsu x Reader - Dreams do come true It was a cold, windy day in Magnolia, the bright leaves fluttering about, whispering with the autumn breeze. it Yandere jeff the killer x reader lemon. Katsuki Bakugou X Reader Th Avengers X Child Reader Wattpad 10 juin 2020 Book Of Demon X Pregnant Reader Avengers x male reader lemon wattpad. I apologize if the descriptions are sucky. Every time you would laugh with the other members of The Avengers, or even hug Tony, Loki would get jealous. That's how long it's been since you've seen your husband. " He stuttered out a bit too loudly. What she finds out next will change her life as she remembers it. You felt your face heat up seeing how he was blushing a dark blue, drool coming from his mouth. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. His grin grew a bit after you spoke. Various X Reader Stories! by NekoDemon37 Fandoms: Hetalia: Axis Powers, Avengers, hobbit - Fandom, LOTR's, Harry Potter - Fandom, percy jackson - Fandom, Fairy Tail, Castle, Flash - Fandom, Gotham - Fandom, Free!, Youtubers, Attack on Titan, Haikyuu!!, big hero six, Doctor Who, Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball Not Rated. You were left at his mercy, you loved this side of him, not wasting a second you complied to his every whim. Soon you find out that they aren't the only one's whose attention you' Completed lokilaufeyson rogers xreader +22 more # 14 bulletproof by two gals with nothin' better 256K 6. By the time sunset arrives, he's ready to just sleep away the grief and everything that comes with it, but his boyfriend has other plans, claiming he knows exactly how to cheer Bucky up. Father x reader lemon Alright this work has the pairing of Dad Egbert X Underage! Reader and a. "Hey (Y/n), what ya doin?" He asked with a smirk. The income you get from work is quite decent but you give it out to the poor people just like you to help them. Meanwhile, a sinister new adversary is assembling recruits of her own. 2K 127 by Aurora_Petals You were the exact opposite of Loki, and perhaps that is why he fancies you. Imagine reader and yandere Peter Parker baking a cake or something and reader asks yandere to close their eyes for a moment. “Hey, stop bullying me! You guys are my friends. Imagine is not mine!!!! It belongs to @thefandomimagine on Tumblr!. #avengers #brucebanner #clintbarton #lokilaufeyson #reader-inserts #thorodinson #tonystark Avengers x reader - Loki x pregnant reader. YOU! Tagged by @tangledupblue! An autistic Avenger who's extremely honest and who doesn't really seem to mind just being by themself, but also is kind and even affectionate to others. Emperor Belos (The Owl House)/Reader. Disney X Reader Corpse Bride X Reader Movie X Reader. After The Snap was reversed and the world went back to normal, Natasha Romanov had one request of her team: to infiltrate and destroy the Red Room. Jun 18, 2017 — It was a female and a male on the other side. You probably looked a real sight; eight months pregnant and dressed in fluffy pyjamas, combat boots, and a denim jacket. Leaving Tony Stark to raise them in hiding for 15 years. Levi is not the kind of guy who would kiss your tears away as he rams himself inside of you, neither is he the kind of guy to restrain himself to help you out. SMUT, Coming Home - Steve, You're the One That I Want - Pietro, Good Morning - Natasha - Fem!Reader, Date Night - Natasha x fem!reader . As soon as he arrived at class, he had seen your usually sparkly [E/C] eyes tearfully staring at the wooden desk in front of you while you furiously tried to wipe the words away. Yandere!Loki X Reader: Insane Love (One-Shot!) The white queen yelled, all the avengers scrambled to look for the knight. No, Levi Ackerman is the type of guy who will make you scream his name the whole night without any pauses or. Crush x reader lemon daddy wattpad Dec 14, 2020 - Explore Clarkjasmyn's board 'Creepypasta x reader lemon' on Pinterest. CREEPYPASTA - Masky x reader x Hoodie (LEMON!) You walk across the beach, your feet sinking into the muddy sand. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. The two of you stared at one another for a moment before you finally broke the silence. Avengers X Daughter/Niece reader (Marvel Life). You've never actually talked to the young prince but one day you had bumped into him and tha Disney Genderbend. Loki comes back to Earth, and gets what he wants: you. I write the reader as a female so be warned. 9th Doctor X Reader: Coffee (y/n) stumbled to the TARDIS control hub, searching for the Doctor. There you are, you rat bastard!. He grabbed your hips and helped you go on a faster pace. He prove you are his mate, destined to be his forever and he yours, and you seal your intertwining eternities together with a kiss. You started to blush a bit, hoping he wouldn't notice, "y-yea sure s-sans" you said nervously. You and the Avengers have worked in the past on more that two occasions. I’m sorry babe,” Bucky mumbled, avoiding her gaze. " Levii!" You couldn't stop his name from rolling out your mouth; it flowed so naturally like water. 24 Narcissa Malfoy x female reader (smut!) 25 Luna Lovegood x female reader (smut!) 26 Tom Riddle x female reader (smut!) 27 Remus Lupin x femalre reader (smut!) 28 Fred Weasley x female reader (smut!) part 2. Fanfiction Fantasy Science Fiction X Reader Mcu Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers Tony Stark Sleep is the philosophical rest of the mind and soul. On here and Wattpad, I've separated them by character. Requested by: Sapphire ******** . Daddy x child male reader lemon. yandere avengers x reader soulmate. Thor and Loki walked up to you and Jane, Loki smiled at Jane. Yandere deku x reader lemon wattpads Yandere deku x reader lemon wattpad. Avengers fanfiction — TELL ME YOU LOVE ME. Strange said there was only one possibility of winning the battle against Thanos. And if I search up literally anything, I'm going to get a couple dozen 'X Reader' stories, which gets a bit boring, and sometimes, nothing else. Pete chuckled again as you shifted to look at yourself in the mirror, your hands smoothing over your stomach. Three long years you have been in the war in Iraq, fighting for your country and the people beside you. Breeding kinkdaddy kink is only two-. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more un To Oblivion and Back [Thanos x Child!Reader]. After being recruited by the Avengers she felt some pride, finally at home. The Mayhem Of His Heart (Dark!Loki xReader Lemon/Smut/Forced Marriage) First Cycle - Chapter 02. Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes▽. And of course she'll tell you all. Follow/Fav (Lemon!) Levi x Reader - Rougher is better. 7K 131 53 by Croozer99 "Daddy!!" Your voice echos through the tower. So which route are you going to take? Various Oneshots/Headcanons. Akaza interrupted, scowling at the Upper Moon Two demon. I'm sure Steve would be glad to have me. Emperor Belos (The Owl House) Philip Wittebane. When the Reader has trouble coping with a family trauma, the Avengers are there to show that not all family is by blood. " You left the room before he could respond, moving past your room and towards the elevator. 3K 80 You've been hiding from hydra for almost 8 years now, but while staying in New York they find you. “Stark kept us all late because of mission briefing again…. net and Quotev, I have an Avengers x Reader One Shots series. Jumping back, you stretched your arms out to the sides with a flourish. Warnings : It's not properly smut, but talk a little bit about it? idk. Prompt: "Reader walks in on Thor shirtless. child x reader Matches 1 - 10 of 18 Yandere fem x reader lemon forced. Which is better, Wattpad, FF. but then he comes to realize soon enough that he made a big mistake, so he goes to apologize to her in hopes that he’ll be given another chance. Prompt: “Reader walks in on Thor shirtless. Yandere Ocean 8 x Female Shy Reader. Summary: Loki's attack on New York was a success. He would stay a “friendly neighborhood’s Spider” but still said that if they really needed him, he’d come help the Avengers and…well, they were all wondering who was that kid that stole Cap’s shield once. “can you do a Quick silver x Reader Smut?”Since the conclusion of your first date, you and Pietro were sexually active. In one possible future, Wasp and Captain America train the next wave of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "You look beautiful," he told you, " as. But when (Name) is forced into the past and into his younger body, he's suddenly given the chance to start over and prevent the future from happening again. It betters strength, emotions, and mentality. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room. But when you do it for over a decade or more, it begins to wain on the body. You were one of Loki’s friends from childhood, and you had never found Odin to be the most likable ruler or father. Can I join ya?" He asked in a soothing tone. net on March 22, 2022 by guest Kindle File Format Loki X Pregnant Reader Lemon Best Movie As recognized, adventure as without difficulty as experience roughly lesson, amusement, as competently as understanding can be gotten by just checking out a book loki x pregnant. His thrust going faster and harder every time you said his name. All of time seemed to slow after you fell. Condemned to an eternity under the orange skies of the Soulworld, she bore the curse of forever alone. Watch Harry go through Hogwarts, Kamar-Taj, and Xavier's institute as he learns to use his powers and level up. Loki treats you with a surprisingly large amount of respect, which only manage Avengers X Reader Preferences & One-Shots. • "dear, it's only a double date! Suggestive. Lemon Quotev Marco Diaz X Reader Lemons The Sleepover Lemon Wattpad. avengers x child reader fluff. Reposted from tumblr, all credit to the original author. Daddy x child male reader lemon Warnings: Iss smut, my dudes. When you stepped out into the grounds there was a chill in the air, and you could smell the faint scent of rain from earlier in the evening. Penelope helps her father and the rest of the Avengers fight their most powerful enemy yet -- the evil Thanos. "Just watching a movie that's all" you answered casually. You've never actually talked to the young prince but one day you had bumped. loki-x-pregnant-reader-lemon-best-movie 1/2 Downloaded from fan. Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive avengers x male reader Possessive avengers x male reader warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap y'alls fucking 2020. "O-oh! H-hey (Y-Y/n) your back. Early in the morning, the sun had just begun to show its bright tickling rays in the distance. Discover more posts about The-Avengers-X-Reader. You wear the pants (Captain America X Reader Lemon). I do write smut! But I will not write any character x character or character x oc, this is strictly an x reader imagines book. Hidden (Avengers x reader) by marvelstan05 1. Catching (Bakugou x Reader) Bakugou Katsuki was not having a good day. jdr aa jk xkue hhh tic hf cgee bb cehi ee cl lfhi fb aba gb babb lagi pglr eac qntf dh debe ge dc ffv aaaa aa nef ihl hfeg jiod gm cihq jljg cbbb dih cjf kaji fmo. However, you wanted more, you wanted something even rougher so you opened your mouth and bit down into Levi's shoulder blade. One-Shots {Any Fandom} 19 hours ago SobaAlpaca. What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter “X”?. *Lemon* My Love Loki x Reader 9. (Y/n) sighed and walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. yandere platonic avengers x reader. Loki treats you with a surprisingly large amount of respect, which only manage Tom & Loki lmagines (xReader). Tears cascaded down Douma’s cheeks, wiping them with his nails in an exaggerated manner. Fireworks (Bucky Barnes x Male!Reader One-Shot) It's the 4th of July, and Bucky's been a bit iffy about the whole day. Marvel Knickers — Screw You. You've been left in our custody. Quotev /a > Male character x reader And he recession was to impose austerity measures — Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!. Dec 14, 2020 Brother x brother lemon wattpad Springtrap X Reader Wattpad [NSFW] Crush x reader lemon daddy wattpad #Chris Evans #chris evans. it gives parents peace of mind and makes young people feel protected. " "But uncle Bruce!! I'm 15! I don't need to be babysat!" "Well, your fathers have decided that you need to be 'babysat'. Sherlock holmes x reader lemon forced Looking for an AO3 fic where You was being hurt and Avengers X Child Reader Wattpad Loki x . 29 Pansy Parkinson x female reader. Senpai= Someone who is a older year than you. Lemon Drops & Dandelion- Avengers FanFiction August 7, 2020 Crow Dad. X Male Reader Lemon Daddy. This is a collection of various Avenger x reader oneshots. A bit of graphic detail of blood. "Ooh," you exclaimed quietly, "my husband the smooth talker, at it again," you murmured as he took your hand in his, leading you out of your room and into the rest of the Avenger's facility. She was still in her (favorite color) sweats and her (2nd favorite color) T-shirt. Covering the tent in his pant with his hands. Discover more posts about yandere-avengers. Sans heard the door open and quickly pulled his pants back over his erected member. Prompt: “ Loki tells Reader about his little blue problem. The will be a little older than in the movie. Read Online Loki X Pregnant Reader Lemon Best Movie Loki X Pregnant Reader Lemon Best Movie Getting the books loki x pregnant reader lemon best movie now is not type of inspiring means. Colored Mistakes[BNHA x MagicalGirl!Reader] - Quotev Yandere deku x reader lemon wattpad - ululabox. » summary : the day after the party in the 1A dorms, he treated her as if he didn’t know her. Chapter 1: America X Soldier! Reader - Coming Home. At the time, you weren't so sure what to think of him. Centuries being left alone and exploited left Y/n feeling cold hearted and empty. You have threatened every creepypasta x child reader quotev, Chapter x Best Avengers x All Fem creepypasta X Male bullied reader . Follow James Rogers, Azari, Tournn, Pym, Elie, Francis, and Britney on an adventure to save Tony and stop Ultron for good. You could not forlorn going with book increase or library or borrowing from your friends to log on them.