diy permanent telescope pier. When he came back to install the pier, he simply drilled in one corner and then used a saw to cut a circle out, exposing the rebar below. Building a Roll-Off or Dome Observatory will help you decide whether to embark on the venture and will certainly increase your enthusiasm for the project. Several of the GMT's scientific instruments will be housed inside the mount. A pier is basically a column with a telescope mount at the top. A pier will be more stable than a tripod, already leveled, and can be oriented or marked to speed polar alignment. A second similar part was cut, this one did not have holes in it (the second part is the top of the pier to which the telescope will bolt to). The beauty of a permanent setup in an observatory is, that the polar alignment process only needs to be done once. iOptron ZEQ25 MiniPier Extension 5. Well known astrophotographers utilize SkyShed Piers. The packaging of the telescope, on a wooden palette and secured by plastic wrap, is worth noting. It affords a permanent shelter from the elements, protects the telescope, equipment and observer from wind and stray light whilst allowing access to a wide area of the heavens. This Most serious observers and imagers eventually turn to a permanent pier to mount their scope. The 8" tube is now filled with cement along with rebar installed. It’s home to the stellar Aquarium of the Bay and one 🙌 Awesome, you're subscribed! Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first n. never rusts, doesn't need painted. How tall should a telescope pier be? – Terasolartisans. Nothing like practical experience to make her into a DIY master herself. These piers can hold very large systems weighing up to 360-pounds. The best part of my sun shade sail plan was the cost. Pier-Tech 2 is a patented electro-mechanical telescope pier. Useful tips: get exact bolt patter for mount or mount adapter. This design is called "flip top", "bat wing" or Klappdachhütte (German). A distinction between a cast-in-situ pile and a pier is rather arbitrary. New telescope and observatory building to Metsähovi, Finland. celest custom 8" diam permanent pier 48" tal for c-5/8/11 sct's,can be drilled. Storage lockers provide added space for equipment and storage. The Giant Magellan Telescope Organization (GMTO) — along with its international partners including Texas A&M University — today announced the start of hard rock excavation for the Giant Magellan Telescope's massive concrete pier and the foundations for the telescope's enclosure on its site at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. Chile Considers Building Permanent Pier In Antarctica For. The Tele-Station 3 is designed for mounting to an existing building structure. 10" Steel pier that does not touch the floor of the observatory. ) Helios achromatic refractor on an undriven German mounting on a semi-permanent pier , and a 10 cm (4 in. LX85 Series Telescope - 8" Reflector. In my observatory I use a Pier-Tec 2 as a permanent pier for the Takahasi TOA-130 and EM200 mount. This concrete is ideal for driveways, walkways, floors, sidewalks and patios. The quest began in 1994 when I bought my Meade 8” LX200. Attach Mount to iOptron Tri-Pier. For starters, unless you have a small altazimuth-mounted telescope, there will have been plenty of nights when you wished your telescope was permanently stored outdoors. EST will be located in the Canary Islands and will aim at high spectral, spatial. Shed Building Pier A On Blocks. You will pay 22% sales tax (EU orders only) that you can deduct and pay the rate applicable in your country. It is designed for the observer who wishes to raise and lower the pier by a push of a button. Also the open sky would be available to use the GPS features of the telescope during start-up. The HEQ5PRO and AVX mounts as well as a few others have a 60mm center mount hub. Telescope pier with HEQ5 mount and 6 inches newtonian. com; aluminum is a soft metal and easy to work. Aphelion Domes - 12 ft Freestanding Observatory 9 (Price Includes Crating, Shipping, and 3 Risers) $32,300. If the floor is a wooden deck usually the telescope is mounted on a concrete pillar as can be seen here-View attachment 749552 Otherwise the vibration of walking on the deck is transmitted to the telescope and will blur the image. Your eyepieces are the first accessories you should learn to use with your telescope. The sides of this triangle should measure 43. May 1, 2021 - Constructed 12′ x 12′ floating wooden deck, poured concrete. The base has been made of concrete and 6mm diameter steel rods. Discover how to create your own DIY notepads. $600 + shipping As I have now been able to build my back yard observatory I am now selling this great portable pier system made by Epsilon in the UK. I think the brake rotor pier mount turned out pretty good. For one, it helps if you can automate the movement of the telescope to track objects as the earth rotates. It took (5) 80LB bags of quickcrete and some gravel to fill the 3×3 ft. New from Astro Engineering AzRok portable pier for all Meade and Celestron SCTs. Like many well known large dome observatories, POD is designed to have the pier/scope offset to the south, to take advantage of the busier Southern sky. Telescope Pier Diy It will be mounted on the pier once I have an obsy. Steel Equatorial Wedge & Pier Design. The holes are 7/8 inch diameter. How to build concrete piers | ehow, How to build concrete piers 1N Building a lean to shed is a good choice if you like the simple but efficient designs Just make sure you've leveled your ground and provided the proper clearance for the telescope pier The joint venture (JV) and investors to acquire the Oceanfront property, Old Pier (and. It is a mounting system that results in comfortable, readily-accessible eyepiece positions at all telescope pointing locations and is ideal in those. The cement blocks are 8" X 8" and 16 inches tall. 1m Width of plate/base 200mm Diameter of Pier 110mm Distance between holes 143mm Weight 26 Kg. pier caps stones perform an important role in preventing rainfall from penetrating the pillars. We cut the guesswork out of foundation work. Having a permanent telescope setup makes a lot of things very easy, but I was never really comfortable with the idea of leaving all that equipment off by itself. For remote observing, the CGX provides two levels of protection against driving the telescope into the pier; first, you can configure the mount via the hand control with "soft stops" to prevent slewing or tracking. The APO200FL F/8 is TEC's smallest observatory class telescope. It is finished with wood panels, but of course contains much more solid core - concrete and steel. I opened a telescope shop! After many years sharing my passion for astronomy on this blog, I have opened a new online telescope shop, Mile High Astronomy. I finally finished my permanent pier and brake rotor pier mount. The crucial choice was altazimuth vs. The holes were cleaned up on a milling machine. The observatory is equipped with a 0. All this talk of huge telescopes triggered the memory of perhaps the ultimate instrument, dreamed up by science fiction writer Piers Anthony in 1969. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very ling time. On four nights each week it is used by elementary astronomy students totaling 800 per year. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Children's playhouses are fun indoor & outdoor spaces for kids to entertain themselves. The LX200 has the Canon XTi DSLR attached to it. At first select a long focal length lens, better to use compound lens to avoid chromatic. The entire setup process with an observatory typically takes less than 30 minutes and there is no breakdown at the end of the evening - you simply close the observatory dome. Telescope piers can be designed and built to meet predetermined specifications. These are rules of thumb as it were and there will be reasons to deviate from them or go to a steel pier or something more complex. For those lucky enough to have a permanent home observatory, you can be sure that every measure was taken to ensure that the telescope mount and pier were precisely polar aligned. How to design a pier for astronomy?. If you wish to adapt this to another mount. By laying down the piers for my corners, this enabled me to build a raised floor. The LAS membership approved a committee to look into finding a place for (and figuring out the ways and means to afford and build) a permanent structure for the 12. ) Televue Genesis apochromatic refractor on a portable Gibraltar mount. Aaaand thats as far as ive got. In 1912 the pier you posted the aerial photo of was rebuilt with internal trackage and the float bridges were removed. Getting a building permit was the easy part, digging the 4 foundation post holes (2ft Deep) and (3ft) center pier hole by hand with a shovel in rocky ground was by far the hardest part. Answer (1 of 8): All telescopes are “interior grade” which means they should not get wet or even damp. The engineering term is a cantilevered beam. :-) The side walls face the eastern and western horizons, and are the walls the roof is connected to. Go and read the ASCOM documentation about pier flips and side-of-pier calculations. Angle would work, but adjustments would have to be done by disassembling bolts and having a bunch of holes to work with. iOptron® MiniPier is designed for iOptron GOTO mounts to provide 8" extra telescope height. The old succesful polypropylene shed was fine, but I liked to have more space and a stronger building. This is because the things that must be built or bought are expensive, permanent, and the only upgrade path is a do-over. It provides shelter from the wind. This also provides more work room to the North where you spend much of your time. Never use your telescope to project an image of the sun onto any surface. My final objective would be to house a 16″ reflector. It is a home-made pier made with six inch pipe and 3/8 inch plate. DIY installations; hardwire installations on observatory builds; Custom piers manufactured for your specific telescope; Hardware, rollers, axel bolts, etc. It is quite sturdy and can be raised or lowered electrically using a hand controller. Search: Building A Shed On Pier Blocks. With these adapters, you can install your mount onto this sturdy yet portable iOptron Tri-pier. (a) Structural loads shall be evenly distributed across capped hollow block piers, as shown in figures 3A and 3B of this rule. A Techno Metal Post helical pier (or helical pile) is a giant metal screw that is installed in the ground by a certified technician until the exact bearing capacity for your structure is reached. You will need a lathe to make one like this, but it does work quite well. And I’m sure they are good items, but they typically cost around £75 each. The concrete pier is permanent and requires a sufficient depth of soil to pour the mount. For observatory applications the 16" LX200GPS-SMT may be ordered with the Permanent Altazimuth Pier, or the pier mau be purchased seperatly. He are my Piers, 2002-2014, and the current one. Manufacturer of highly stable portable telescope tripods and permanent piers. Features AudioStar™: 30,000+ Object-Database. Seperate Purchase of 16" Permanent Altazimuth Pier ONLY. Orders placed during Passover Holiday (Fri 4/15 after 12:30PM ET - Sun 4/24) will start shipping Mon 4/25. What materials are used to build a telescope pier? A table of pier heights and diameters accompanies the paper to aid the astronomer in designing his pier using concrete and steel pipe. The possibility that a complete astronomical establishment might one day be planted on the summit seemed more a fairy tale than a sober fact. One is to mark the exact site of the center of the pier with a stake directly beneath the telescope. A permanent pier is typically bolted to a cement foundation in the ground. It can be stopped in any position along its 20″ travel, it will keep its polar alignment along its entire travel, also keeping your target in the field of view. Wind blows a big telescope enough to make the image jitter. Aug 30, 2016 - Get a permanent base for your telescope for less than £100. At the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference The telescope won an award for "Excellent Restoration Work" at the 1987 Riverside Telescope Makers Conference (RTMC). Vixen 35505 Polarie Star Tracker Equatorial Mount for Astrophotography - White. Scroll through and check out the diverse project plans. How to build your own pier for a perma. All machined parts are constructed of high quality 6061 aluminum and powder. Final coat of black and drill the holes in the top to line up with the adapter plate for the Atlas , this pier will work with any mount as long as you get the plate or have one made. The pier acts like an inverted pendulum, hinged at the base, and sways from side to side. I used a fencing bar with a small blade end, to cut a box-shaped hole. Crack-Resistant Concrete is designed to significantly reduce the amount of cracking caused by drying shrinkage. The telescope structure (known as the mount) is an alt-azimuth design and it will stand on a pier that is 22 meters in diameter. but I'm only using it with an 8" reflector and CG5. Permanent and irreversible eye damage may result. How to easily build a permanent for your telescope mount that doesn't cost the earth. Captain Rod’s has been performing pier installation in McHenry, IL, and the surrounding region for over 15 years. The space inside the dome must be climate controlled when the dome is closed and the air conditioning must be turned off when the dome is open and the telescope is in use. My new pier is sporting my brand new AT66ED! List of Materials 18- 80lb. Also now having a place of my own I decided to set it up on a permanent pier. It is constrained at one end with the other end free to sway in the breeze. The Pier-Tech Piers start at about $1750, but this is cheaper than building a new observatory. VersaTube manufactures Do-It-Yourself steel building kits. Set a wood pier in concrete just like a steel or concrete pier, and then its stability will be just fine. This hasn't stopped people from trying to build piers, covers, and all kinds of DIY solutions to try to keep their telescopes in the backyard 24/7 but in all cases, the results seem questionable and not worth the trouble or the risk of damaging your expensive telescope. The control room covered an 8 x 10 area and the observing room a 12 x 10 area as shown: The room on the left is the 8' x 10' control room covered by a permanent roof. This revolutionary engineering technology was discovered and developed by Alexander Mitchell and became utilized as a successful foundation for lighthouses, bridges and piers. My 8" LX200 telescope is mounted on a permanent 7" diameter metal pier, bolted to a concrete base. Next Step was to build the telescope pier and base around the shed, the tube i am using in 8″ ducting tube 1500mm long cost £23. The most challenging part of their work on the summit will be to excavate the solid rock of the mountain top to a depth of 23 feet (7 meters) to hold the concrete for the telescope pier. Outhouse Observatory--My back yard in suburban Southern California has a permanent pier and telescope installed. You can get most materials used to build this pier from your local DIY store, apart from the underground drainage pipe for the main column, the metal plate that the mount is attached to and some small metal spacer blocks. These things are sunk into bedrock on large installations (like the ones you see in their own permanent buildings) but in my situation I’m going to have to bolt it to the concrete. The construction of the Dome Concrete Base c. Adapter Only, Mount & Tri-Pier Required. Step 2 – Cut the gate post to length Some internet research suggested the finished height for the pier should be in the 36-42 inch range. The Roll-Off Shelter was low cost, easy to build, but very effective and convenient. A deck is not a permanent structure. The design specifications remain the same, but I offer a caution: The base of the bolt-on pier must have a large diameter, thick plate with generous gussets welded to pipe and pier. My first telescope was a 4 1/2" refractor, on an AZ/EQ6 Mount and tripod - with a Canon DSLR. The bolts pass through the springs and the holes drilled in the aluminum sheet base plate. The author, both an amateur astronomer and a professional landscape architect, answers many of. I could use a steel sewer pipe or maybe a plastic pipe + concrete to make the vertical . This allows one to quickly begin observing without any tedious and time- little more build the pier to 0. Never use an eyepiece solar filter or a Herschel wedge. Rather than wrapped up newspapers and pickled onions, Richmond’s Pier 1 celebrates Britain’s love of fish and chips with a sleek interior and staff dressed in p 🙌 Awesome, you're subscribed! Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first. Piers are either bolted to the ground or have very low profile legs which gives extra clearance for mounts to swing equipment around. Our patented height adjustable piers offer ergonomic advantages such as eliminating back strain while looking through the eyepiece, as well as allowing you to switch between long and short telescopes with the ability to electrically raise and lower the eyepiece to your standing or sitting. See more ideas about diy telescope, telescope, telescopes. The open-air observing pad is located about 50 feet southeast of the residence. 0 inch RA drive on home-built telescope. The current Pier (picture 4), comprises a 100mm x 100mm square steel tube, with 12mm thick steel top, bottom, and mounting plates. • Then I set two 16" x 8" concrete blocks into the wet pour. Be the first to review this product. This is an ideal homemade telescope to create with your children for a beginner's telescope or one for a school science project. 0" Polaris RA Drive: Model 4 mount with wedge and two 9" drives for Celestron 8" telescope on customer permanent pier. Three 1/4-20 flat-head bolts are attached to the plywood disk 120 apart and about 1 1/2" in from the edge. To take advantage of the dark skies and provide. Building a permanent post, or pier, for your telescope to sit on is a most materials used to build this pier from your local DIY store, . The top of my pier has a removable plate, like a 'puck' that is drilled with a centre hole (for the EQ6 mount) and a threaded hole for the RA alignment post. How to easily build a permanent pier for your telescope mount that doesn't cost the earth. Manufacturer of Quality Telescope Piers About ATS Portable Piers Permanent Piers Contact ATS Internet Links Guest Book DESIGNED FOR STENGTH Warranty BUILT WITH QUALITY Advanced Telescope Systems Copywright 1995-2002 Updated 04/15/2002 Visitor:. Telescope Bluebook indicates it was made by Vixen in Japan and is equatorial as an "excellent instrument" with a unique 1. Building Blocks Shed On Pier A. Cut a suitable hole in a removable top plate. It will be housed inside a rotating enclosure that will measure 65 meters (~22 stories) tall and 56 meters wide. Setting up the components to start the night session took me about half an hour every night. If you wanted to make it stronger a wider pipe would be better and removable legs even but these all add to the cost. The pier mount is made from 2 brake rotors. ) Metal Chris Heapy’s Telescope Pier Concrete Andrew Cooper & William Lofquist’s Backyard Pier Bert Katzung's Pier. 3-3 Building Piers Build one pier first and then measure over to the other ones and build them one at a time. Permanent Piers for LX200, Mapug Permanent Piers The most important vibration mode of a pier-telescope system is it's first order - the one when the pier and tube all arch in the same direction at one time. After getting all four corners and the telescope pier set, I added two more for the gantry. The telescope rests on a pier in a somewhat "lofty" position well above the level of the observer's head—a good position for a refracting telescope. This is the latest installment in my quest for a simple, inexpensive but solid telescope mount. 200mm (8") Newtonian Reflector. I put a lot of time into researching and thinking about the type. iOptron 6" Pier Top Plate with CEM60, CEM60-EC, or CEM70 Mounting Hardware - 8032-PT-CEM60. One pier option was to use an 8" X 8" post, dig a hole and set it in concrete. It consists of two heavy steel pipes, one inside the other. TELESCOPE PIERS, We offer height adjustable telescope piers as well as fixed height telescope piers. There is a trade-off to having the "best possible mount," which would be affixed to a permanent pier. GoTo German Equatorial Mount with 33 lb. The framework for each gull-wing door takes the form of a right triangle constructed from the 2-inch-by-2-inch timber. Please note due to the weight we would prefer a shop collection on this item. I have an opportunity to install my telescope into an observatory with some of the nicest skies I have ever got to see. 60pcf (CCA) for freshwater and 2. The Tele-Station7 roll off roof observatory is designed with larger sizes in mind. Put the earth you dig out in a wheelbarrow or on a large tarpaulin so it's easy to transport. Credit: Giant Magellan Telescope - GMTO Corporation. The construction of my telescope pier. The 100 inch telescope had been commissioned in 1917, becoming the world's largest telescope and the first to surpass Lord Rosse's 72 inch telescope from 1845. Building #325 - Tool Shed: A 7'7" x 8'9" single-story frame building with a shed roof covered with asphalt shingles and wood walls covered with black rolled as phalt siding. Telescope piers are more streamlined than a tripod and are great for permanent observatory installations! Find the telescope pier or . In considering the design elements, the purposes of the observatory were defined: research, including asteroid and exoplanet searches and photometry, public outreach. Tagged: Amateur astronomy, astrophotography, Bisque pier, permanent pier, pier base templating, remote imaging, remote observatory. So here is the photo story of the building! Taking the approppritate mesurements for the fitting the HEQ5 PRO head adapter to pier's top plate. This makes for an easier (though more expensive) installation. And every Friday night -- weather permitting -- the Observatory opens its doors to the public. With the telescope already available, it was easy to get the needed measurements and calculate the appropriate pier height. Fabricating A Pier Plate Adapter For A Celestron Nexstar 8 Telescope - Part Uno This past weekend, I finally got my astrophotography observatory in Chiefland, Florida (above) up and running so I would have a place to image deep sky objects in a somewhat permanent setup. The roof is heavy, eventually I will add more permanent supports to the uprights, but for now I . Tripod Stabilizer Weight Hook: This Instructable is as much of a technique as a DIY project. For instance, once a cement pier that is sufficient to support a 4″ reflector is set in the ground, the only upgrade path is to build another cement pier. Your pier and dock materials will be treated to your specifications, which are usually. It was Webster Cash's Aragoscope that had me thinking back to this one, a novel called Macroscope that was nominated for the Hugo Award in the Best Novel Category in 1970. Using hydraulic drills and hammers, excavators have started digging out rock to make way for the foundation and pier that eventually will support the Giant Magellan Telescope atop the 2,500-metre (8,200-foot) Las Companas peak in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Get a permanent base for your telescope for less than £100. What is Pier foundation? And Their Types, Advantages. This is the only time the original heavy cast iron permanent pier was transported to. None were available which cased me to start the project by fabricating one. The first step was to find a pier adapter for these telescopes. Underneath the dome, at the 4th floor level is main telescope pier. The work will be performed by Minería y Montajes Conpax (known as Conpax), a. 25-inch top plate that will fit directly to a CEM120 mount. Home Up Permanent Pier LX Wedge · DIY Wooden Wedge · DIY Wedges · Counter Weights · Toucam Upgrade · SC 1. The iOptron permanent piers constructed from aluminum alloy and 1/4" thick wall tubing. I decided to build my own simply because . The finished telescope is neither too heavy nor too bulky to require a permanent mount, such as a concrete pier; it can be supported on a sturdy tripod. More susceptible to the elements when in use. 2 meter inside diameter provides plenty of space to operate up to a 14" Schmidt Cass or a refractor 1400mm long. QUICK BUILD: Stackable & light. • Then I set four 48" long by one half inch thick pieces of rebar deep into the wet pour. Two days ago, we completed the concrete pier foundation for our new straw bale house! Yahoo! In eight hours, and with pretty intense labor, we managed to get our holes dug, our concrete piers poured, and finally, revel in the excitement of having a finished foundation for our current house project. Here's my new telescope pier, and how I constructed it, which will save me time during setup, and makes a much more stable base for astro . Most are made of a steel baseplate, a cylindrical column and then some sort of pier head and mount adapter. The puck then fits in to the top of the pier (it is a tight fit) and is then secured with three (radial) screws. Orion binoculars are known for quality optics at a great price. The Lick Observatory Collections Project: Building the Observatory. Field Derotator for Astrophotography (Part 1). Internal heat build-up can damage the telescope and any accessories attached to it. After nearly 9 months of planning we decided to build a medium sized roll-off-roof observatory. Our experience and familiarity with installations, allow us to give exact recommendations for your project. The simplest arrangement is a permanent pier, either on a deck or in a yard. Stars shine bright in Borrego Springs, CA. The pier foundation and pier are constructed from concrete, as are the but it was easy enough to pick up more from the DIY store. Oct 29, 2021 - Explore AstroBackyard's board "Backyard Observatories", followed by 142,149 people on Pinterest. for DIY installations; Sales of observatory grade telescopes and equipment; For enquiries on Observatories, please mail us on: [email protected] Use your web browser's < Back button to return to the previous page. center hole, where the telescope pier will eventually mount to and is totally. Personalized Observatories Telescopes India. It certainly beats paying out £500+ for a commercially made one, and in some cases finding it not tall enough, and having to spend even more money on an extension. Given the properties of steel, a pipe of about 0. While it can be transported to various locations, TEC recommends that a permanent observing station be established for the best viewing. The pier and mount together will be the basis of my home observatory. It's simple, inexpensive, smooth, extremely stable, and intuitive to use. After many sessions of lugging around the heavy Meade LX200GPS 10 inch telescope, and burning hours getting proper polar alignment, I decided it was time to put in a permanent pier. April 30, 2021 – Selected location of the deck and dug a 4-foot hole. Wilson 60 inch telescope, which was much more advanced than Rosse's and the most. After over 170 years of development and use, these. In fact, it will hold the telescope more rigidly than the common type of DIY pier (2 metre length of seven inch diameter steel gaspipe cast with half of the pipe stuck in a metre square block of concrete!). The SkyShed Steel Pier design incorporates a dual leveling ability, and a pier top that rotates 360 and locks to line up your telescope in the direction of your choice. They're a little expensive but it's way cheaper to do this than to build a structure. Photo : Observatory Interior with 8" LX200 Telescope / ST-7 CCD Camera and equipment (larger view) The observatory takes only around 5-10 minutes to open and get the telescope setup up ready for observing. Some are super massive modern marvels and others are just your regular every day telescope that we have become accustomed. By installing a hook from the center column of your tripod, you can hang whatever weight you hap…. The pier accomodates a removable Celestron C8 Deluxe eight-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, or any telescope with a compatible bolt circle on the base. In my opinion, unless I have a permanent pier to mount my telescope, so that I can Polar align once and do not need to do it ever again, the alignment and set up of an equatorial mount eats up way too much precious photography time to be useful for me. No permanent roller track supports here, Pier Tech observatories have extendable track supports that roll out with the roof making it more aesthetically pleasing. This telescope was much too big to haul out to the existing observing pad, and needed a permanent setup. Give us a call today at 815-759-9134 and let us give you the fantast pier you deserve! lakes permanent pier pier installation rivers winter. Dig a hole to embed the bottom of your pier column. Measure the distance from the center of the OTA to the bottom of your mount base. Like most amateur astronomers I have met, I have always wanted a permanent telescope pier in the garden at . Attach the hand controller bracket to the pier by wrapping the strap around the pier and fastening it with the hook-and-loop closure (Figure 11). Build or Buy an Equatorial Platform. The new shed has a clampshell roof which can be opened manually. April 30, 2021 - Selected location of the deck and dug a 4-foot hole. Pier Construction •First pour… I dug and filled a hole 2’ x 2’ x 3’ deep with fifteen 80 lbs bags of cement. Building of TDO (The Dam Observatory), or how to build an observatory for $600! Building an observatory had nothing to do with a dream of wanting a world class observating facility, it is quite different. Building a shed on piers 16 x 20 x 1 filters pre made sheds buckhannon wv building a shed on piers build cheap shelves build cheap shelves 8x8 shed kits. Permanent and irreversible eye damage may result Never use your telescope to project an image of the Sun onto any surface Internal heat build-up can damage the telescope and any accessories attached to it • Never use an eyepiece solar filter or a Herschel wedge Internal heat build-up inside the telescope can cause these. Aerial view to the north-east These renderings are of a 3-D model of my 1929 Alvan Clark & Sons Corporation refracting telescope with the original model number 6 german equatorial head and original permanent pier. The pier sits on 14" concrete footing about 3' deep. 2M DOME ROTATION KIT WITH RAIN SENSOR. A screw jack is a metal support post that can be adjusted to level the floor. CGE Pro Series INSTRUCTION MANUAL CGE Pro 925 CGE Pro 1100 CGE Pro 1400. Build a temporary post using concrete blocks or large blocks of wood. Warm room / store room separate to the observatory. Your pier sounds reasonable good to me. Please contact us for more details. To serve these purposes, a permanent installation in a very dark sky location was a primary consideration. See more ideas about observatory, backyard, astronomical observatory. The reason: well constructed, low cost, and I can take it. ----- Subject: Permanent Pier Construction --part 4 From: Doc G. May 1, 2021 – Constructed 12′ x 12′ floating wooden deck, poured concrete. How to build your own pier for a permanent set up for your mount and telescope. The pier top has a plate that covers a hole. It is very useful at star parties and for temporary scope protection in your backyard. The Stellarview AT1010 Refractor piggybacked on the LX200 is set up as a guidescope. Remove any flagstones or other surface finishes first. The Alnitak Flip-Flat box comes with the Alnitak Flip-Flat itself (this one is the 100-150mm ), a 12 ft (about 3. More vulnerable to stray wind and light. Aug 10, 2014 - - Building a permanent post, or pier, for your telescope to sit on is a step up from using a tripod. In this video I show how to build a fully adjustable pier for your garden or observatory. I had to drill and tap a couple of holes in the mounting plate for the side bolts. We custom build most of the piers in the observatory--cold rolled steel, 1/4 to 3/8" thick (depends on availability). " Our packages include, dome, telescope, imaging equipment with all of the accessories and software for remote control including weather station, remote guiders, mounts, camera and dome control. Over the last two weekends I have embarked myself on the project of upgrading my yard with a steel pier, on which I can place my astrophotography setup. This allows the user to set up the mount for a long series of exposures without stopping in the middle to flip sides. After the award was presented, RTMC created a new judging classification for "Best Restoration". Government officials said Friday they are. The Pier Tech Tele-Station Observatory has a unique roof design. If your home is built on expansive soil and, thus, subject to regular movement, a screw jack can be used in lieu of solid wood posts between the concrete piers in the crawlspace and the girders that support the floor joists. This is Franken-Pier with a Celestron CGEM mount and 10" SCT telescope. We are commonly asked: "How tall should my pier be?" So here is an easy way to calculate the pier height. How to calculate telescope pier height. A few each of 4-inch and 2-inch woodscrews. If you would like to build your own observatory walls, but have difficulty with the roll-off roof portion, this is the option for you. The telescope mount usually sits on a super-solid vertical column referred to as "the pier" instead of the tripod legs you use for portable situations. The pier align points were defined by setting up the pier, wedge and telescope at nighttime on the flat paved area adjacent to the observatory site and then performing a polar alignment by carefully rotating the pier (note the Wedge was positioned in the centre of its range of Pier to Wedge adjustment at this stage). 200x200 10mm steel plate welded on top. Throughout the 3 days it took me to build this observatory, I had a lot of help from my then 4 year old daughter. An equatorial platform, or EQ platform for short, is a squat, flat, motor-driven table that sits underneath the Dob base and gradually pivots the scope at the exact rate needed to counteract the apparent motion of the stars. Drill and tap the three 5/16"-18 holes in the plate for the three mounting bolts for your wedge. Posted 07 March 2017 - 08:42 PM. Buying a telescope is a big decision. Our passion " if you have a dream we can build you an observatory that will fit your budget and you leave a scientific legacy for your generation to come. With that step out of the way, it was time to build the pier. The Build The build consisted of a number of discrete parts many of which are completely independent on each other. A dome roof structure is shaped like a conventional observatory and probably what you would picture when imagining an observatory. Page 1 of 2 - is wood suitable for a pier? - posted in Observatories: Hi,Still checking all options. For our DIY shade sail installation, I planned on attaching one side of the sun shade sail to the house, and the other side of the shade sail to two wooden poles. water proof paint 1- 12" concrete form tube 12- 24"x1/2" rebar 3- 48"x1/2" rebar 3- 8" long anchor bolts, nuts and washers 3- Carriage head bolts, nuts and washers 3- 2x4x8 studs 1- 2x12x12 stud 16- 5/4x6x8 treated decking. Colorbond roof and walls clad with Texture 2000 EcoPly - this adds a. 5m): Built in 1877 to replace an older, shorter pier, built in 1858. This pdf describes the parts and procedures necessaty to replace the Stock Lodestar Cable with an adapter that allows use of a standard guiding cable. Orion's Telescope Buyer's Guide is a great place to start. The next best option, then, was steel. Without a pier the scope would be way too low to use. It provides a safe enclosure for the telescope and any other equipment you might have. • Then I set two 16” x 8” concrete blocks into the wet pour. A poured foundation and brick building is not legal for the first 10 years. The maximum flex that good astrophotography can tolerate is half of an arc-second. The pier is bolted into a 900mm cube of concrete and roughly leveled via the bolts the base is then backfilled with cement. When the crane and telescope are properly aligned with the hatch es on the two interior floors of the pier, this access will clear all the way to the observatory ground floor. A telescope pier with a homemade protective shield is a great option. More than anything else you can do, it makes …. Photo1:- 8" Celestron SCT, and a tripod in the garden (circa 2001) Photo 2:-Meade 12" SCT + Skywatcher ED 80, on a Fork Mount, in a Roll-off-Roof obsy (circa 2007) Photo 3:-WO 110mm Triplet + Meade 8" SCT on an NEQ6. A 127 mm clear aperture lens gives excellent light grasp (over 1½ times the light-gathering capacity of a 100 mm aperture lens) and a focal ratio of f/12 gives excellent image resolution. Dan's Pier Top Plates - pierplates. 5 deg lat,dual 110v ac outlets,azimuth adj on base—-$750. Floyd in the Publications of the Lick Observatory, Volume I, 1887. Ballauer Observatory is based on a 10 x 20 ft. A permanent setup avoids these inconveniences. Eagleview Observatory - Construction of Australia's Highest Observatory. Much better system than a tripod, no tripping over legs. Position a steel lintel in the centre of your hole and hammer it into the ground so that about 30cm is buried. I have a barbecue cover over the mount and the top part of the pier. Put the earth you dig out in a wheelbarrow or on a large tarpaulin so it’s easy to transport. This solid steel pier offers an outstandingly rigid, 36 inch tall permanently mounted installation engineered to minimize any vibration. I ordered my rotors off of Amazon, they were $15. In dual scope altazimuth mode it can. First place winner on mechanical design. This will be the base plate of the pier, this will bolt onto the concrete pier that was poured earlier in the year. You can use square tube for the uprights and telescope it for adjustment. Four aluminum side struts are welded between the pier tube and the base plate to eliminate side flexure of the tube assembly under heavy or off-center loads. Aug 10, 2014 - Build a Pier I hope to show you that even a novice at DIY can build a secure pier for their scope. PDF A Homemade Observatory Project. Concrete is pretty much permanent. It has a adjustable plate on to to attach your mount. The task of setting up the tripod and telescope, aligning it each session had became a somewhat unwelcome chore, and I was finding that I was using the telescope. Astro-Physics - 42" Portable Pier for 1100, 900 and 800 Mounts. ) Dobsonian telescope for visual observing, and … There is also a 15 cm (6 in. There are many types of telescopes in the world today. When you use an EQ platform, you continue to point the Dob normally, moving it in altitude and azimuth to locate objects. The idea is straightforward; if you add weight to your tripod it will be more stable. The special blend of cement, sand, gravel, fibers and admixtures makes this the perfect concrete mix for both the professional and novice. 5" Tripod (#8321ACC) MiniTower 2" Tripod (#8121ACC) iEQ45/CEM60 Tripod (#8021ACC). We will supply the roof and roll-off assembly as a complete package. I use a modified Theodolite which is a surveying tool that has a 20 power site on it with a calibrated degree altitude and azimuth scale. (The proper drill for a 5/16"-18 tap is a 'letter F' drill, but a 17/64" drill will work for the tap hole. I had my son come over yesterday to help me with my permanent pier. com is the leading portal for astronomy news, classified ads and telescope reviews. M12 stainless steel studding for mount levelling (note: these are now much shorter than in picture). The pier foundation was poured on day 1. Some of the parts came off a telescope mount that was 40+ years old. by Mike Hankey, under Observatory. This past weekend, I finally got my astrophotography observatory in Chiefland, Florida (above) up and running so I would have a place to image deep sky objects in a somewhat permanent setup. The pyramid-shaped blocks are designed for building decks, but they work great for sheds, too — provided you choose the right type. Contact us online or call (800) 816-0335 to discuss your pier and dock materials with one of our helpful project consultants. How to build a back-garden telescope pier. A Tiny Telescope Observatory: If you're an amateur astronomer who loves spending time out in your backyard with your telescope, one of the easiest ways to increase your time under the stars is build an observatory for your telescope. The pier adapter is designed to add 30mm height to the mount in order to clear the pier top plate. We custom build most of the piers in the observatory--cold rolled I'm about to make a steel or concrete permanent pier on a terrace. Having an adjustable pier is important if you're . No longer will I have to risk tripping over the legs of the tripod, and no longer will I have to waste precious time (which. Three rebar rods were sticking out of the cement below ground level. In 2017 I build a new astro shed to house my telescope & mount. A pier is installed in an adry area by excavating a cylindrical hole of a large diameter to the desired depth and then backfilling it with concrete. Weighing 1,800 tons, the mount interfaces with most of the subsystems of the observatory. P = A - B P = Pier Height A = Observatory wall height. Tri-Pier Top Adapter for Takahashi/SkyWatcher NEQ6, HEQ5, AZEQ6 Mounts. Building a permanent pier for my telescope. How to Install a Screw Jack to Level Your Floor. Some astronomers concern themselves with vibrations, damping time and ringing. In early 1994 I decided to build a deck out over the old patio, so I first poured a 12 inch tall concrete pier that was slightly below the level of the. See more ideas about telescope, pier, telescopes. Unless you hav a fork mount, in which case forget it. More than 13,000 tons of rock will be removed. I sketched plans for a modest roll-off-roof observatory but could not find a. iOptron 3322 SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount - Black. telescope piers, retailer of PlaneWave telescopes and mounts. DIY Telescope mount pier HEQ5 PRO The bane of astrophotographers is, in my opinion, the routine of setting up and dismantling the gear on every session. I have the electrical buried underground and up the pier no more extension cords! (Still need to put the outdoor outlet cover on) I decided to do pavers around the pier because I had some laying around not being used. They are screwed into the ground using proprietary machinery specifically designed by our engineers to provide you with an accurate measurement which. Agenda • Why a Home Observatory? • Deciding on Which Type – Dome or Roll-Off Roof • Project Planning –Cost –Location –Materials. As you will know if you own a German equatorial mount then the declination axis sometimes has to be rotated 180 degrees. Hopefully I got the north pretty close. Internal heat build-up inside the telescope can cause these devices to crack or. Smaller numbers of advanced students share the facilities, which now include nine telescopes. This will allow me to take photos much more often, with much better results, and can be remote controlled from. Offering a third choice between field tripod and full observatory pier. The price is $500 plus S&H (in the US), and Jim makes makes a version of this wedge to fit either the Meade or Celestron bolt patterns. It took a few hours to dig a 1. 5 degrees,has hole patterns for c-5/c-8/c-11/c-14 sct base-$795. SOLD] Epsilon portable telescope pier system. Homemade permanent pier for £155. A Backyard Telescope Pier · Step 1 – Purchase the Materials · Step 2 – Survey the Site · Step 3 – Excavate · Step 4 – Prepare the Forms · Step 5 – . in EQ or single scope Altazimuth mode. It is solid as a rock and although it's about as heavy as one (at about 30 pounds), the design is exemplary. The Snow telescope was followed by the 60-foot solar telescope in 1907 and the 60-inch reflector, for deep sky observations, in 1908. Pier Tech Tele-Station 3 Roll-Off Roof. It creates a level foundation for your shed and prevents the moisture from. A video camera is attached to it to provide input to PHD Guiding software (Stark Labs free Astronomy software) on the computer. A quick and sturdy DIY Telescope pier. The list below collects 75 playhouse design plans that you can build yourself. My own steel pier was made (welded) by the local steel fabricator - I just drilled the holes and shaped the plates (as I have access to machine tools). No-Flip pier extension: 492,22 EUR. 4 Installing a Telescope on the Mount 1. Welded steel reinforcing cage inside the footing, based around 4 threaded rods. This was Step 2 – Cut the gate post to length. and the laser will be guided through the hollow pier up through the telescope's Coudé path. 66 m) USB cable, two plastic cable ties to attach the Alnitak Flip-Flat to the telescope aperture, the drivers and manual CD (not needed as these can be downloaded), a quick start manual and a shameless article/review of the Alnitak Flip-Flat in action. A TeleGizmos full scope cover protects a telescope left outdoors from heat buildup during the day and from the buildup of dew at night. June 16, 2021 – Completed construction of observatory and mounted. An artist's impression of the Giant Magellan Telescope at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile's Atacama Desert. Uber lathe work on aluminium by my brother in law (Thanks Tom!) Finished product, top plate ready to be welded on the tube. The pier was installed after digging forty inches down (at times with a jackhammer) into the hard decomposed granite. The Dobsonian mount was a wonderful innovation. For longer periods of poor weather, the telescope will move inside the house. Build a shed foundation after construction Question I have a shed which was built on blocks sitting on the ground. Lisa and I began looking for a location to build an observatory in 2006. And I'm sure they are good items, but they typically cost around £75 each. You will also need to mark due north from your pier site so . For observing the heavens through the eyepiece, it means you can be set up in minutes, and it's ideal if you're an astrophotographer too. Backyard Observatory Construction. I had owned an 8" LX200 telescope for 3 years up to 1998, and had used it for viewing various planetary, stellar and deep-sky objects from a patio in the garden. If you live in a rural or suburban area, this might be an option at your home. Or at least it doesn't unless you put it on an equatorial platform. June 16, 2021 - Completed construction of observatory and mounted. The construction of the Telescope Pier Base b. It has a Losmandy G-11 head and is shown here with the Meade 10 inch F4. Make sure that the post is located on firm, level ground under the house. Rother Valley Optics Heavy Duty Pier. Screw a second thin layer of ply (with a central hole for the fixing screw) to the underside. Supporting the weight of the telescope and mount is usually a tripod or pier. All was going well until this morning. The Antique Telescope Renderings. A permanent mount simplifies the setup each night. After several months of searching for the right spot, we found it near the tiny town of Danbury, which has no streetlights and no plans to install any. P ierTech Systems is a leading manufacturer of helical piles, piers, connection accessories, and foundation repair equipment.