ford fiesta automatic gearbox problems uk. Mobile Clutch Gearbox and Shaft Repair Services and Cost Mobile Clutch Gearbox and Shaft Maintenance Services near Omaha NE | Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha. The most common problems with this vehicle include: The gearbox can be quite stiff and difficult to change gears smoothly. Ford Settles Lawsuit over Focus, Fiesta PowerShift. If the charger does not have a 'smoothed' output then the battery should have been disconnected from the car for charging. Ford Fiesta (2022) review: revealing wrinkles. Parkers has a huge range of approved-used automatic Ford Fiesta cars for sale across the UK. Our expert mechanics repair both manual and automatic transmission, and conduct gearbox oil and filter changes. Reconditioned Gear Boxes: 1st Choice members offer discount prices on all used gearboxes for all models. Compare the best Ford Transmission Specialists near you in moments. Customers who paid for clutch repairs out of. The cause of this problem which Ford denies was a very bad design on part of the gearbox. 0 fiesta Ecoboost has a weakness within the Gearbox. All this makes selecting FORD FIESTA auto parts fast and convenient. All petrols have three-cylinder engines, while a four-cylinder diesel is also available. Whilst some vehicle manufacturers do not provide a recommendation regarding servicing intervals, in our. Answered by CarsGuide 23 Dec 2016. This is an issue that first showed up in 2011 when Ford redesigned the transmission on the Focus and Fiesta. While Ford's $30-million settlement may have dulled the pain somewhat, it hasn't been able to completely erase the nightmarish experiences that owners have had with the PowerShift gearbox. Different issues can cause transmission problems. *This table uses data from quotes provided on WhoCanFixMyCar between 07/07/2021 and 05/10/2021. Auto gearbox is far too eager to please. When an alternator is going bad, it’ll often begin to put out a high pitched whining sound. With that in mind, this page is divided by when you hear the whining noise, and common causes under those conditions. The most serious warning lights often illuminate in red and if critical, they may also flash. 0 E/B 100 Titanium 5dr Auto 17in Alloys Style Pack Rear Came. 7mpg; CO2 114g/km; Kerb weight 1091kg; Engine 3 cyls, 999cc, turbocharged petrol; Power. The automatic transmission inhibitor switched circuit uses relay position 11, located on the rear of the fusebox. The 6-speed dry clutch Powershift in the Fiesta, Focus and B Max was more problematic. Ford's dual-clutch automatic transmission—also called PowerShift transmission—was installed on certain Ford Focus and Fiesta models. Ford has added a new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission option to the Fiesta and Puma models in Europe, offered in combination with the mild-hybrid 1. Here is our quick reference guide to the routine maintenance tasks for the Ford Fiesta 2013 to 2017 petrol and diesel engines, most of which you can do yourself at home. The DPS6 automatic transmission used in the 2012 Ford Fiesta suffers from power losses, no-start issues, and poor gear engagement. Common internal failure of this actuator will cause the gearbox to get stuck in a gear, and when you turn the car off and then try to. While forward-thinking technologies, such as an all-new interactive digital instrument cluster ‡, help create a more efficient, enjoyable drive. The worst complaints are intermittent shudder when taking off, transmission shift shuddering, and transmission shuddering. The likely cause of whining noise will be determined by when you hear the noise, and under what conditions. The MK7 Ford Fiesta has had well-documented gearbox problems. Did some goggling and apparently it's a known fault with the car. The older Ford PowerShift gearboxes . Borrowing £7,500 at a representative APR of 13. What Ford Focus models reportedly have transmission problems? a. THis problem appears to be very common (I know people who have the problem and there are many people discussing the same problem on the Internet). There are other automatic transmission complications on Ford Fiesta, such as electronic problems or pressure complications, but this list lists the main ones, no matter the reason, for such difficult mechanisms. It starts fine, with the gears nice and easy to select - very precise and slick. The Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car in the UK, and it's clear to see why. 0 ECOBOOST 5 SPEED MANUAL GEARBOX REPAIR SERVICE . Because very few non enthusiast buyers are either capable or willing to drive a manual transmission. This Fiesta will even park itself, in parallel or perpendicular spaces, thanks to the optional Advanced Auto Park Assistance Pack. The Ford Focus transmission problems hit the vehicles marketed between 2010 and 2016. There are 41 recall actions in UK related to FORD FOCUS. A Ford transmission lawsuit settlement is on the way as the automaker agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit concerning Ford Focus and Fiesta dual-clutch PowerShift transmissions that jerk, hesitate and shudder. Shifting into second gear disengages the first clutch, engages the second clutch, and engages the gear cogs of third gear. All the FORD FIESTA auto parts in our online store have a list of special characteristics and a picture. Ford Motor Company issued a massive safety recall on over 50,000 vehicles. Used Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2008-2017 review. 6-litre petrol for slightly less. There's an orange wrench light on the instrument panel (I assume that's. The Fiesta we've got is a 2015 and although that hasn't displayed any problems Ford have extended the warranty on the gearbox to five years if it starts to display the juddering symptoms (I think. 5 EcoBoost petrol engine in the Kuga comes with a 6 speed torque converter box if ordered as an auto. You will not have to guess about the appearance of a component, it will be easily seen on the picture. 0T EcoBoost Powershift first drive. The 2013 Ford Fiesta had the most complaints of all model years. FORD FIESTA 2004 SEMI AUTOMATIC GEAR BOX PROBLEM, IT HAS HAD NEW CLUTCH WORKED FOR A DAY NOW IT DOES NOT START & NOT - Answered by a . 6 Flex 112 hp 2010 FORD Fiesta Mk5 Van 2010 FORD Fiesta Mk5 Van 1. 0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, this is a nippy and capable supermini that has the added convenience of just the two pedals for. I think in Australia there is a legal challenge being made against Ford over the fact there has not been a recall and free replacement box. As mentioned earlier, one of the pitfalls of having the automatic gearbox is that you get noticeably less fuel economy. Replace and tighten the cap, then fill with a syringe through the filler cap with the. Anything other than transparent pink the fluid needs to be changed. Browse transmission flush & fluid coupons. It has been noted that sometimes when the front crash detectors noticed a fault, the warning lamp failed to work. install a revised transmission valve body. The Fiesta is still brilliant (as you'll find out further down) but it. Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford EcoSport, Ford Mondeo, Ford C-Max, Ford B-Max, Ford Transit Courier. FORD FIESTA AUTOMATIC POWERSHIFT 1. Jerky Transmission and Unstable Gear Changes. Michelle Hughes of Flint discusses her frustration with transmission problems on 2012 Ford Fiesta. All the affected cars belonged to Focus, Fiesta, and EcoSport models equipped with a Powershift automatic transmission. The Manufacturer Had Not Been Notified. Recall: 2020 10-Speed Automatic Transmission. If you bought or leased a Ford Fiesta, Focus, or Fusion and experienced transmission problems, contact Stern Law, PLLC, at (844) 808-7529, to schedule a free consultation with. The 1-litre EcoBoost Hybrid powertrains combine Ford’s. Typically, a fully reconditioned gearbox takes 3-5 days to complete. This information is available in The 2016 Car Book by consumer. By: James Fossdyke Ford has announced a new seven-speed automatic gearbox option for its 1-litre mild-hybrid Fiesta and Puma models. Its automatic activation controlled by the vehicle's computer (ECU) generally prioritizes fuel's efficiency. My husband bought 2011fiesta 1. Ford Gearboxes; If your having problems call. The Nissan Note engine warning light, also know as the m. 0 Petrol GEARBOX (Breaking Spares) 5S6R-7002-PC mk6 mk7. Ford Fiesta Stuck in Park: Diagnosis. 3 mpg with CO2 emissions of 118g/km. uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-M 1c58027585. Ford's Transmission Problem — Ford Transmission Problems The Ford Focus transmission problems hit the vehicles marketed between 2010 and 2016. Take on your day with the new Ford Fiesta. Owners of Ford Fiesta and Focus models with the company's problematic PowerShift automatic transmission will be eligible for. 6LX Automatic- Transmission Malfunction. Similar to other Ford products of the era, the 2018 Ford Focus commonly has transmission problems. Sudden loss of power due to transmission remaining in too high a gear for engine rpm's. Common signs of a head gasket leak include: Engine stalling or power loss. 4lt which has a semi-automatic gearbox. Mr Clutch can repair gearboxes in all types of manual vehicles, though currently do not fit or repair automatic gearboxes. com further wrote: “Ford has proposed an updated settlement of a minimum of $30 million in cash reimbursement in a class-action lawsuit over problems with dual-clutch automatic transmissions in Focus and Fiesta vehicles. P0810, P1607, P1735, P1732, P1600 & P1608 Fault Codes. The OP's fault is one of the problems that trashed the reputation of the Powershift transmission, but not the main one. Redline Revs review of 2010/2011 Ford Fiesta 1. Ford's new pricing strategy is a mix of an aggressive $14,100 starting price for the sedan, a $500 premium for the hatchback and an options list that pushes most Fiestas on the lot to between $17,000 and $18,000. Powershift Transmission Fluid Type SAE 75W FE gear oil Ford specification WSD-M2C200-D2 API GL-4 fully synthetic. From £17,244 The Ford Fiesta may be the most popular used car in. Since then, Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety. We are the UK’s leading Ford Fiesta gearbox part finder where you can choose from 1000’s of manual or automatic Ford Fiesta gearboxes all available for online ordering with either Free or next day delivery. 5 litres, and the manufacturer specified oil is Ford Automatic Transmission Fluid or transmission fluid meeting Ford Specification ESM-M2C 166-H. "Transmission failure" after battery replacement I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta SE. This is because clutch failure can be down to aggressive and improper driving as much as manufacturing faults. CINCINNATI (Howard Ain) -- Complaints about the operation of two of the Ford Motor Company's top selling models prompted the company to make changes. The oil-free 'dry clutch' resulted in excessive wear. A colleague at work had the automatic gearbox fail in their 3 year old fiesta, which they had owned for 6 months. It is very convenient to have one to drive in cities as there are usually traffic jams there. This answer was rated: The 4F27E transmission is usually reliable so it's likely to be either a wiring fault to the transmission or a solenoid problem. 4 auto when it was about 1 year old. Ford Fiesta exhaust problem (2008-present cars) There is a possibility that some cars built after 2011 had faulty exhausts. The older Ford PowerShift gearboxes were built by Getrag Ford Transmissions, a joint-venture with Getrag, however it is unknown who exactly makes the newer 7-speed models. Gearbox rebuild spares, bearings and parts for Ford transmissions from 1960 to 1995. Reasons to book gearbox repair and replacement for your Ford FIESTA (VI) through Autobutler. 2sec; Top speed 112mph; Economy 57. The average price for a manual Ford Fiesta is £9,242, while for an automatic, you can expect an average cost of around £11,465. Contact the ACCC (1300 302 502) for advice. Ford first unveiled the Fiesta in Europe in 1976. It spooked me a little so I stopped the car switched it off then started it again and it went away. The latest recall action was on April 14th, 2021. uk! Automatic transmission fluid FORD Fiesta Mk6 Saloon 1. 9%, 59 monthly payments of £170. They replaced it with the same stock parts, meaning that this issue will come up again after the warranty. There have also been several reports of water leaks, resulting in damp front footwells – this can cause mould in cars that sit for long periods of. This Fiesta was first registered in January 2019. We use the latest specialist computer diagnostic equipment to determine the right solution for your gearbox. I will mainly be doing driving throughout and . Less serious warning lights on the Ford Fiesta may illuminate if orange / amber. Automatic transmission fluid for FORD Fiesta Mk6 Saloon (62 KW / 85 PS from 2015 ) from top manufacturers of auto parts online at bargain prices on Bestpartstore. Combined with Ford's hugely celebrated 1. The vehicle was taken to the independent mechanic who diagnosed that the transmission control module had failed and needed to be replaced. Starting in June, The Fiesta began to have issues with starting. Ford is facing a class action suit from owners affected by the problem, and. this enables the fitting of a 4 speed 105E Anglia type gearbox to a 100E engine. Ford have given a ten year extended warranty . Ford Fiesta Common Problems Solutions Hints and Tips. All the cars on sale have been checked and tested by approved dealers, many come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind when searching for automatic Fiesta cars in the classified ads. 0-litre three-cylinder mild-hybrid powertrains. 4 are listed below: Slips Out of Gears. More Ford Focus, Fiesta owners describe their struggles and. Problem: Knock from rear suspension on rough road surfaces. 0-litre EcoBoost engine, but don't forget that you can also buy it with the 1. I've been told that the Ford C max 2006 models have problems with the automatic gearbox. Fully loaded, (excluding the ST) the most expensive Fiesta you can get is $21,705. The sixth generation Fiesta was shown in a concept car form as the Ford Verve at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007, with introductions in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, and Africa. The Failure Mileage Was 200 And The Current Mileage Was 1,046. What is it? This is the new Ford Fiesta fitted with a Durashift automatic transmission, which exists because the company estimates one in ten small car. More specific problems: O/D OFF light (1) Related problems: Oil (1) Engine (7) See owner's manual. Australian automatic Ford Fiesta and Focus owners are suing the car 'Powershift' transmission makes the cars dangerous; Alleged fault . The transmission problems pop up if you have the PowerShift transmission, which was Ford's version of a dual-clutch transmission. Got a Ford Fiesta automatic 62 reg. The same engine with the manual on the other hand, will deliver 65. The one fitted behind most of the EcoBoost petrols and. Halewood began its operations in the early 1960's as an automobile production complex for Ford vehicles It would assemble the Ford Anglia and the. Post Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:48 pm http://www. The Ford Fiesta automatic is now available with the excellent 1. Genuine Ford IB6 Type Gear Box and full fitting kit - Pumaspeed. Did some goggling and apparently it’s a known fault with the car. Used Ford Fiesta (Mk7, 2008-2017) review. The Auto gets better mileage than the manual, but the manual's gear box only has ratio's up to 1:1 in 6th gear - that's the 4th gear for the automatic. Ford Fiesta 2011: Broken transmission. The major problem categories for this model year were issues with the Fiesta’s transmission and engine. The Transmission Was Replaced By The Local Dealer But The Failure Continued. What made for an unusual case between Ford and David Burgess, of Chesham, Bucks, was. Andromeda441 said: "Transmission failure" after battery replacement. It's only the dual-clutch transmission that's affected, and Fiestas also had the problem. The CTX gearbox has a capacity of 3. Ford issued a recall in January of 2015 on the 2014 and 2015 Ford Fiesta vehicles made between April 10, 2014 and June 17, 2014. According to Ford, certain 2011-2014 Fiesta's that are equipped with the Ford DPS6 automatic transmission, may experience excessive transmission clutch . We can even collect your Ford vehicle from anywhere in the UK, rebuild the gearbox and return your Ford to your door. Ford's 10-speed automatic transmission has been out for a few that have the most transmission problems are the 2011 through 2016 Fiesta, . During the time your vehicle is being repaired, we would be glad to provide a courtesy car to you. It's a Titanium X trim-level car, meaning it's the top of the range, and includes Xenon headlights, a heated windscreen, a leather steering wheel, a self-parking system and a rear-view parking camera. Revised and updated new shock absorber top mounts should be fitted. he also tried a different gear bo 2003 1. Lapse in gear selection causes erratic and dangerous acceleration. This was one of the most common Ford Fiesta 2002 model year problems. Save on average 20-40% on gearbox repair and replacement. UK Online Ford Fiesta Gearbox Replacement: All Used Ford Fiesta gearboxes stocked through our network are 100% guaranteed which means we offer you a first class service as one of our valued customers and have a whole range of Gearboxes [including manual and automatic, used and reconditioned] to satisfy your requirements. This dps6 transmission is found . Among the most common issues with the Focus are transmission troubles that range from shifting to tremors that may affect the way your car drives and could leave you on the side of the road. This early version of a dual-clutch transmission was plagued by tons of problems shifting. So he called up the Auto-Cop guy to check out the problem Well, he has mentioned "Duratec Automatic" in his engine and transmission section, below the. Carried over from the previous range was the 3-speed automatic which was ultimately replaced late in the production run with a variant of the CTX stepless gearbox as first used in the Fiesta a couple of years earlier. Is your Fiesta parked on a hill? If so, then the force of gravity could be forcing your transmission to put pressure on the parking lock in the. Designed to broaden the appeal of the two compact cars, the new transmission has been tuned to “complement the hybrid powertrain’s electrically-boosted performance”. Developed under the project code B299 and B409, the. When purchasing a MK7 Fiesta, there are a few things you should look out for. Let all the oil run out until it’s all gone. Free mechanic advice at autobutler. These vehicles have a problem with the fuel system. 4 diesel Posted: Mar 6, 2008 1 response Weird bumping noise. Illustrated step-by-step manuals and video tutorials on replacing FORD FIESTA Gearbox Oil and Transmission Oil will tell you how to carry out DIY replacement of parts and maintenance of your car quickly and cheaply. The plant is located in the town of Halewood, Liverpool, United Kingdom. This has led to problems with acceleration and gear changes. Ford gave the Escort‐based Orion saloon a similar makeover. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2011 Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the 2011 Fiesta. Common Problems Engine & Drivetrain (47) Gearbox & Clutch (35) Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights (133) Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres (61) Leaks & Noises (117) Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss (186) 4 responses Accelerator pedal Engine constantly revving when at speed. A choice of advanced Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid options deliver a more responsive, fun to. Ford's Powershift automatic transmission is a six-speed, dual-clutch gearbox that manages to pair the Fiesta's fun-to-drive characteristics with a comfortable and smooth drive. 3 Most Common Problems With The Ford EcoSport. Automatic transmission Thermostat Overheating Shock absorbers Door Electronic control unit I would like to share all the Ford Fiesta's inconvenients. 0 PETROL GEARBOX In good working condition came off 2006 ST150 on 71k miles Postage available Via Paypal If you're interested in any parts please call 07 944188498 ***Many other parts available please click See All Ads**. The details of the recall actions that are related to FORD FIESTA are shown bellow: Click on a FORD FIESTA recall Action number to see the detail of the retail action and the affected VIN (Serial) numbers. Many of the owners who deal with this also experienced strange sounds, gear slipping, and trouble reversing the vehicle. It's good looking, a spacious interior and lots of equipment, plus there are engines and trim levels galore for you to choose from. Automatic Transmissions can provide a complete range of automatic gearbox repairs for all car makes and models. The nickel plating on the components located inside the fuel pump may not be in the correct place. In the 2011 model year Fiesta especially, gearbox problems were most prevalent. The electronic part of the robotic transmission cannot boast of the same reliability as the mechanics. 7mph with a more polar bear friendly 97g/km of CO2 emissions. We buzzed around in a Fiesta ST-line X fitted with the lesser 123bhp engine for 200 mixed-discipline miles and averaged 46mpg. We excel in finding all the different types of gearbox for sale [whether you have a faulty automatic , manual, epicyclic, motor , or auto gearbox in need of repair]. 5-litre diesel (TDCi in Ford speak) with a six-speed 'Powershift' automatic gearbox. As soon as you feel a problem on this level, we recommend you to go fairly quickly to your mechanic. your vehicle attains a speed greater than 5 mph (7 km/h). In terms of performance, the engine feels as well suited to this car as ever. It's like changing up and down the gears in stiff treacle. The 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and the 2012-2016 Focus have a dual-clutch automatic transmission that is the subject of a class-action lawsuit and many individual lawsuits. It concerns the 2012, 13 and 14 Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta. Just be mindful of the fact that "Powershift" is just a brand name and there are two very different versions. An automatic gearbox in the Fiesta is a sensible addition. Ford has proposed an updated settlement of a minimum of $30 million in cash reimbursement in a class-action lawsuit over problems with dual-clutch automatic transmissions in Focus and Fiesta vehicles. Low Transmission Fluid Signs: Ford Fiesta. As previously mentioned, change gearbox oil to type B. The team of two came to my house last night and repaired the fault on my car. We may as well start with the most serious Ford Fiesta reliability complaint. The most recently reported issues are listed below. There is no trick way around it and it should be repaired ASAP before further costly damage is done. Find 131 brand new Ford Fiestas. Get transmission info for your 2018 Ford Fiesta from your Ford Dallas auto repair center. When this happens, you might notice the gear selector lights on the instrument cluster start to flash. 6 98 hp 2010 FORD Fiesta Mk5 Hatchback (JH1, JD1, JH3, JD3) 1. Ford Fiesta and Fusion 2001 - 2002. The oil-free ‘dry clutch’ resulted in excessive wear. We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of quality new and exchange gearboxes. Fiesta durashift problems I had tonnes of problems with the gearbox on my fiesta LX, I went to a few different garages that never really fixed anything, but I took it into a garage last month in Surrey and touch wood I've had no problems since. The latest recall action was on September 22nd, 2021. Heat your Ford Fiesta for about 10 minutes to get a fluid oil, place it flat on 4 stands. Seven problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Transmission unexpectedly changing gears or selecting incorrect gear. Did Ford sort out the problems in later models?. The Ford PowerShift is a semi-automatic six-speed dual clutch transmission. This is the new Ford Fiesta fitted with a Durashift automatic transmission, which exists because the company estimates one in ten small car . Does it have a transmission dipstick? If it does, check the colour of the fluid. We offer one of the largest collection of Ford Fiesta related news, gallery and technical articles. The most common signs associated with a faulty clutch or gear actuator on a Ford Fiesta 1. The Peugeot 208, Toyota Yaris, and Vauxhall Corsa are all newer. Ford Fiesta Forum is the premier Ford Fiesta community. 0 EcoBoost Engine Problems and Reliability. Those are some of the tells of gear box problems. To start with, the thermostat box and the thermostat itself damage quite frequently due to the overheating. The problems stem from the powershift gearbox, which aimed to provide automatic shifting from a manual design. Tags: automatic cars buying advice. Dry clutch Powershifts (in Fiesta, etc) do not require a fluid change, but the dry clutch packs in them fail anyway and they deserve their poor reputation. There have also been several reports of water leaks, resulting in damp front footwells - this can cause mould in cars that sit for long periods of. Choose from genuine used Ford Fiesta gearboxes or recon all supplied with whopping discounts of up to 70%. Used Ford Fiesta Automatic for Sale, Second Hand Automatic Ford Fiesta | AA Cars. Ford Fiestas produced in the middle of 2002 are widely reported to have a rear axle welding problem. From transmission problems (like jumping, lunging, and lurching) to oil, water, and coolant leaks, consumers have been complaining about problems with recent Ford Fiesta models. The warranty on the transmission control computer goes out to ten years or 150,000 miles. Last night the battery went dead, so I got it replaced by AAA. Problems mentioning the Gearbox on the Ford Fiesta 1 response Gears i am having problems getting second gear. Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission in certain 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and . The problems stem from the powershift gearbox, which aimed to provide automatic . Common Ford Fiesta problems. Ford Fiesta Transmission problems & Overview. A whining sound when accelerating is almost always caused by a bad accessory attached to your Fiesta’s engine. As background, the affected Ford vehicles were fitted with a six-speed dry dual-clutch automatic transmission system, of which, to date, Ford Australia has sold over 70,000 in various versions. Based upon the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and corresponding OASIS report, a vehicle may be covered by a factory warranty extension. Ford Fiesta Durashift clutch actuator fault – stuck in gear and no start. That was the juddering fault that was cured temporarily by new clutch packs. This has caused numerous problems to car owners who complained about stalling and shuddering in most of 2012-2016 Focus vehicles. FORD FIESTA 2011 problem was reported in FALMOUTH, VA. Ford Fiesta Common Clutch & Gear Actuator Problems. Anyone who owns or owned a 2011-16 Ford Fiesta or 2012-16 Ford Focus equipped with a PowerShift dual-clutch transmission, according to Capstone. If you ignore the warnings, your gearbox can often become expensive to repair further down the road. Buyers can now get Ford's best-selling Fiesta with the popular 1. This website provides information to consumers that can be used to alleviate the problems they may be experiencing with their Fiesta, and/or legal remedies available to them under state lemon laws. Ford Fiesta Gearbox & Clutch Problems Gearbox & Clutch Problems and faults 636 Owner Problems 23 Recalls 0 Common Problems Engine & Drivetrain (47) Gearbox & Clutch (35) Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights (133) Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres (61) Leaks & Noises (117) Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss (186) 4 responses. If you need more guidance or step-by-step instructions, check out our online manual or get the printed 2013 to 2017 Ford Fiesta Owner's. The solenoids can be replaced without transmission removal or strip down so the cost shouldn't be too much if this is the case. I would recommend them if your having issues: Automatic Transmission Services 01342 842229 / 07979493697. Here are some solutions to Ford Fiesta transmission issues: Replace shift solenoid and bands; Rebuild transmission; Replace transmission. Ford Fiesta is also listed in the 2016 Car Complaint Index. The Ford Fiesta Mk6/Mark VI (Mk7 in the United Kingdom, model code WS/WT/WZ in Australia) is the sixth generation of the Ford Fiesta supermini. This only happens occasionally and lasts for up to 3 seconds each time 2012 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1. The troubles with it can occur after the first 25-30 thousand km of mileage. This morning I thought the warning lights that I was seeing were on because the battery had been disconnected. You may already have had an issue with 1 or even 2 gearboxes with Synchro rings failing and leading to crunching into gears. Car Complaint reported the transmission problem as the worse problem of the Ford Fiesta, with up to $3,400 in repair costs and occurring at an average mileage of 67,000 miles. The 2018 Ford Fiesta has 29 problems & defects reported by Fiesta owners. Faulty sensors can also cause the lights to flash intermittently. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the Fiesta. The Car around town is slow, but fine. MOST basic Fiesta's are ordered with automatic transmission. That might have caused the unit to fail or it migtht just be coincidence. We will be glad to provide you with an obligation-free quote. 2013 Ford Fiesta Transmission will not shift into reverse: Southern Fiesta Owners: 1: Apr 26, 2020: M: Upgrade to Automatic Headlight switch: Interior Upgrades & Modifications: 2: Apr 14, 2020: F: 2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Automatic: Ford Fiesta News: 0: May 12, 2016: Replaced the reverse lights with LED: Exterior Cosmetic & Lighting. FORD FIESTA Recalls in UK There are 22 recall actions in UK related to FORD FIESTA. They were polite worked hard and I am pleased that they resolved my problem in a . com/LMAutoRepairsThank youHiI have towed this little fiesta to my home. Ford Fiesta (Automatic) Review. 2015 FIESTA Owner's Manual 2015 FIESTA Owner's Manual fordowner. It's a new type of transmission, which essentially has two clutches as opposed to the traditional one - one clutch drives the odd gears and the other drives the even. VAT) Remanufactured aluminium gear box bell housing/clutch cover to the Wooler pattern. You could get the gearbox independently tested, but I fear that Ford wouldn't take any notice of the findings. I'm no mechanic but I would have thought it should only need checking on its yearly service unless you happen to have some problem with it. Ford focus ecu reset procedure. The details of the recall actions that are related to FORD FOCUS are shown bellow:. This Ford Fiesta (Mk6) clutch actuator is fitted to the Durashift EST (Electronic Shift Transmission) gearbox and is very problematic. Signs of the Faulty Ford Fiesta MK7 Gearbox. 6D with auto gearbox transmission issues and failures. Therefore, transmission problems can be terrible and prevent the smooth movement of your Fiesta. 0-litre EcoBoost engine coupled to an automatic transmission The new six-speed dual-clutch transmission works well in the Fiesta. Used Ford fiesta gearbox for Sale. Well, let's dive into the would-be Ford Fiesta reliability issues, of Ford's in-house 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and was . The Ford PowerShift transmissions have internal and external filters. transmission malfunction service. Autotrader has 3,042 Used Ford Fiestasfor sale, including a 2015 Ford Fiesta ST, a 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, and a 2017 Ford Fiesta ST ranging in price from $2,700 to $26,988. The problem goes back three years and involves the transmissions. Solution: The most likely problem is the shock absorber top mounts. From 2011 for the Ford Fiesta and 2012 for the Ford Focus, Ford have been releasing cars with what they call a 'PowerShift Dual Clutch' to replace a traditional automatic setup. View 5 images Firstly, the information below is in addition to your. Again, the automatic gearbox was reserved for the 1. Ford Fiesta & Fusion upto 2003 1. The Ford PowerShift is a six- or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, produced by the Ford Motor Company. My Ford Vehicle | Ford UK>More Vehicle Topics>Engine and Transmission>What Is the Difference Between an Automatic and a PowerShift Transmission? Search Icon . 88 followed by 1 payment of £180. The details of the recall actions that are related to FORD FIESTA are shown bellow:. Our Focus for the week is a 118hp, 1. Why isn't Ford doing more to help owners of Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta vehicles with automatic transmissions? The faulty PowerShift technology has left thous. 0 Fiesta All Ford Parts Supplied. I have a Fiesta 2012 model auto gearbox with the same shuddering problem. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. The Ford Focus coupled with the 1. Find Used Ford Fiesta Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts. Some warning lights illuminate when you first start the vehicle and the various systems initiate, this is perfectly normal and they should go out after a few seconds. Gearbox oil for 2010 Fiesta Mk5 FORD Fiesta Mk5 Hatchback (JH1, JD1, JH3, JD3) 2010 FORD Fiesta Mk5 Hatchback (JH1, JD1, JH3, JD3) 1. Jun 13, 2014 - In this video I go over a very common cause of transmission problems on the 2011-2012 Fiesta. Owners reported 201 problems via 973 complaints. 5 Tdci shouldn’t in theory throw up any problems in the first few. If your Ford Fiesta is experiencing a whining noise, its is often going to be caused by something in the engine compartment. Install a drain pan under the drain plug, open it, and clean it well because it will almost certainly collect filings. 6 RECONDITIONED GEARBOX TYPE 2 FITTED. I bought my 2011 Fiesta (automatic), 47k(ish?) miles on it in March this year. Ford tried to fix the problem but the complaints keep coming in. When the transmission debuted on the Fiesta B-car and Focus C-car in the '11 and '12 model years, respectively, Ford touted its fuel-saving capabilities, noting it enabled both cars to achieve. i have had the gear box checked by a professional gear box mechanic and he cant find the problem. With over 50 years automatic transmission experience, Stephens Engineering are the automatic gearbox repair and servicing experts. Problem: One of the more common Ford Fiesta 2004 problems for Fiesta's built between August 2001 and August 2004 is the faulty airbag warning lights. 4i semi auto,problem is when in auto it selects 1st 2nd 3rd gears fine but will not select 4th 5th gears unless you select manually,i toped up the gearbox oil as this wa … read more. On a combined run, Ford quotes 54. Ford’s new pricing strategy is a mix of an aggressive $14,100 starting price for the sedan, a $500 premium for the hatchback and an options list that pushes most Fiestas on the lot to between $17,000 and $18,000. Transmission troubles accounted for more than 60% of the problems that triggered owner complaints. Ford PowerShift transmission problems are the focus of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois. Without it, soot and carbon layer covers the intake valve stems. The basic Fiesta is predominantly sold with the DPS-6 , dual clutch transmission. Had a flat battery, charged it up and then a message appearedtransmission malfunction service. I'm concerned that my own C Max is going to experience the same problem. They are replaced in the new Fiesta by 6-speed torque converter automatics and in the new Focus by 8-speed torque converter automatics. Hi all, I am considering getting a Ford Fiesta, the 1. 9%, annual interest rate (fixed) 13. If you own or lease a 2015 Ford Fiesta (whether the issue(s) are fixed or not), you live in California, and you have had 2 or more clutch replacements in the automatic transmission under factory warranty at the ford dealer, we encourage you to call our law firm, or use the convenient free online case evaluation form below. no problem! The feature also works in reverse when backing up an incline. Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and are experienced in Ford automatic gearbox servicing. If not it will affect the operation of the servo valves that control the gearshifts. I've had problems with this car multiple times regarding the transmission and have visited the dealership over and over again due to this problem. Essential information about this Fiesta. In all gears, the car won't clim 1996 1. Fiesta ST is only available with a manual transmission. Get in touch with us if you’re having problems with a Ford automatic gearbox at 0800 980 9614. With the largest selection of cars from dealers and private sellers, Autotrader can help find the perfect Fiesta for you. It has been towed 3 times and looked at by 4 mechanics. The settlement could affect as many as two million owners of 2011 to 2016 Fiesta or 2012 to 2016 Focus cars. The PowerShift transmission is basically a manual transmission controlled electronically by a computer while using a 'dry clutch' rather than a 'wet clutch,' meaning oil is not supplied to the. Consider to support my channel and all the hard work put into it at http://www. 2 million owners of PowerShift automatics could get up to $22,000. Share your favorite Ford Fiesta photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Ford Fiesta owners on our message board. Ford Fiesta Autolock disable/enable guide. What owners got instead was a . Looking to book a automatic transmission fluid flush & replacement for your Ford Fiesta? Let Fixter take the strain! Our local experts will collect and deliver your car to your door and make sure you get the right job done at a fair price. Autolock (If Equipped) The autolock feature will lock all the doors when: all doors are closed, the ignition is on, you shift into any gear putting your vehicle in motion, and. PowerShift promised the fuel efficiency of a manual with the ease of an automatic transmission. Answered by Honest John on 12 May 2017. Coverage in the Focus and Fiesta transmission warranty covers the clutch to seven years or 100,000 miles. 591 used Automatic Ford Fiesta cars for sale. Gearbox Repairs & Replacements for All Major Manufacturers. White smoke coming from the exhaust. The system will also store a handful of trouble codes in the powertrain control module, including U0101 and P0606. Ford Fiesta owners have reported 124 problems related to automatic transmission control module (under the power train category). Ford Fiesta airbag problem (2002-2008 cars). 2015 Ford Fiesta transmission problems and owner complaints are varied among model years. Current odometer mileage reading. I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice. 25 zetec 2007 model (face lifted model), and it has recently developed a problem with the manual gearbox. With 193 new and 12,031 used Ford Fiesta cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK. So you see, Ford's forecast was right. 25 zetec with CTX auto transmission built between nov 95 and oct/nov 98, the build codes are SM to WR. Model: Engine: Transmission Type: Gearbox Price: Torque Converter Price: Remove & Refit Labour: Fluids: Total Price: Enquire: Galaxy/Smax special 12/12000 warranty only. Stern Law's compassionate attorneys recognize your Ford transmission troubles are a serious safety concern. 88, total cost of credit is £2,762. The Ford hasn't changed a great deal. My Ford Fiesta's automatic gearbox is slipping: If this is the case, you probably have a dead clutch disc, the clutch will have to be replaced, and on some . 6th gear in the automatic is 1:0. A few weeks ago I had a warning symbol come on (the yellow one with the caution symbol for the gearbox). Specialising in Capri, Cortina, 2000E, Anglia, Sierra, Granada, Escort, RS2000, RS1800, RS Turbo, Cosworth and other classic Ford gearboxes. Get in touch with us if you're having problems with a Ford automatic gearbox at 0800 980 9614. “Ford agreed to send a technician to meet me and drive the car to see if the clutch juddered,” David explained. I will mainly be doing driving throughout and around London hence the reason to go for an automatic. The company reopened David’s customer case to investigate the problem again. 4 are listed below: Slips Out of Gears Gets Stuck In a Gear Fails to Select Gears P0810, P1607, P1735, P1732, P1600 & P1608 Fault Codes Gear Display Light Fails. We specialise in the supply of quality, guaranteed reconditioned Ford gearboxes either from stock, in exchange for your existing Ford gearbox, or we can take your gearbox, remanufacture it and return it to you. The Ford Fiesta is the UK's best-selling car and It's fully deserving of Buy a Fiesta with an automatic gearbox produced from mid-2020 . Find out more about the PowerShift Transmission. WOL-7006 - Wooler aluminium clutch cover. Ford has expanded the Puma and Fiesta line-ups, adding a new seven-speed automatic gearbox option for the cars' turbocharged 1. Automatic gearboxes aren’t exactly new. Ford has announced a new seven-speed automatic gearbox option for its 1-litre mild-hybrid Fiesta and Puma models. 2006 Ford Fiesta ST 2 litre petrol from UK and Ireland. Another common complaint about the Ford EcoSport is its jerky transmission and rough gear shifting. The Ford Motor Company Halewood Transmisison plant, also known as Halewood Body and Assembly, is a transmission manufacturing joint venture project owned by Ford and Getrag. Higher RPM at any given speed – If your Fiesta’s engine seems to be revving higher than it should be at any particular speed than it may very well be a symptom of low transmission fluid. The PowerShift was an automatic-transmission. How often to change the Automatic Transmission Fluid on your FORD FIESTA. I am thinking of buying a 2016/17 Ford Fiesta automatic but am worried about the Powershift gearbox. Indeed, loss of ATF is a very common cause for automatic transmission failure. 0 T EcoBoost MHEV 125PS Active 5Dr DCT [Start Stop] 5 door Automatic Petrol Hybrid Hatchback. A loss of engine power can be the result of a non-functioning fuel filter, fuel pump, clogged fuel lines, or dirty air filter. Ford has now ditched Powershifts in favour of six-speed and eight-speed torque converter autos in everything. The sunroof can leak water into the car. Common Ford Fiesta MK7 Gearbox Problems. This recall applies to the 2020 Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, the Expedition, and all models with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Recommended service and replacement schedules. ca September 2014 Second Printing Owner's Manual Fiesta Litho in U. Check also how many FORD cars are Still on the road in UK. " - 2011 Ford Fiesta owner / Toronto, Canada "First attempt of repair, shuddering in a. Answered by CarsGuide 4 Jan 2019. While forward-thinking technologies, such as an all-new interactive digital instrument cluster Digital instrument cluster, help create a more efficient, enjoyable drive. Most owners of Ford Focus cars have problems starting with periodic jerks when driving. Rebuild and repair parts for the Ford 2000e or "Bullet" gearbox with 3 selector rails in the top of the main case. A primer on owner-reported transmission problems and pending lawsuits Ford Fiesta and the 2012–2016 Focus have a dual-clutch automatic . Engine won't climb Above 4000 rpm. Designed to broaden the appeal of the two compact cars, the new. You have rights, and you deserve a just result in your case. 13 March 2018 at 6:20PM System Forumite, Community Admin 177. Repairing a head gasket leak in 2020-2021 Ford Explorer can cost up to $2,000. There are also more dealerships in the UK than any other brand - so it'll be easy to track one down and keep it maintained. The issue became so serious that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took the Ford Australia to the federal court in 2017. Worst 2018 Ford Fiesta Problems #1: Not Accelerating Properly 2018 Fiesta Average Cost to Fix: N/A Average Mileage: 4,000 mi. The fuel in the ports acts as a natural cleaner. I have just bought a ford fiesta 1996, 5 dr, 1. *Estimated payments are for informational purposes only and may or may not account for financing pre-qualifications, acquisition fees, destination charges, tax, title, and other fees and incentives or represent a financing offer or guarantee of credit from the seller. The exterior door handles can break easily. com further wrote: "Ford has proposed an updated settlement of a minimum of $30 million in cash reimbursement in a class-action lawsuit over problems with dual-clutch automatic transmissions in Focus and Fiesta vehicles. Other mechanical problems can be the culprit such as the exhaust manifold, faulty injectors, or low compression. Ford has expanded the Puma and Fiesta line-ups, adding a new seven-speed automatic gearbox option for the cars’ turbocharged 1. This article relates to the Ford Powershift, semi-automatic wet clutch gearbox that suffers various issues. It can track car expenses, keep a car log and replacement schedule, and save favourite materials, notes and documents. Ford Fiesta Stuck in Park Causes. Learn More #2: Drives Roughly 2018 Fiesta Average Cost to Fix: N/A. Richard Truett covers technology and engineering for Automotive News. , Motorcare, Warranty Direct, Warranty Wise and many more you can see that JT Automatics is one of the most respected names for quality, value and service in the capital. Failed solenoid, faulty torque converter, low transmission fluids might lead to delay . Meet the Versa Note - the cuter, five-door version of the li'l sedan, making its debut here at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Yet if you want to do more than 30 mph there's a problem. The issue concerns the DPS6 dual-clutch PowerShift six-speed transmission featured in 2 million Fiesta and Focus cars first launched in 2011 and 2012, respectively. 0 TDCi that comes with the Powershift. Summary: Fun yet disappointing - But then some nice guy in the showroom said that it was a small problem with the Auto-Cop. The pulses and spikes from low-end or old chargers can damage car electronics. The vehicles affected are 2010-2016 Ford Focus, Fiesta and EcoSport models fitted with a Powershift automatic transmission. The contact owns a 2016 Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta dual-clutch gearbox in your car is trouble, pure and simple, as many other Fiesta owners would happily tell you. The contact stated upon starting the vehicle, the "service transmission now" message appeared on the instrument panel. "Huge problem that Ford knows about and continues to ignore. The worst complaints are jerking, slipping, jerks and hesitates, and transmission shuddering/slipping. 0 EcoBoost Titanium X 5dr Powershift Auto. Tags: automatic cars powershift problems gearbox reliability. Tags: automatics gearboxes automatic gearbox. Your vehicle's transmission is a very complex mechanical and electrical system, however, many gearbox repairs are often small and affordable. Ford Fiesta reliability In our 2021 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, the latest Fiesta ranked disappointingly in 68th out of the top 75 cars ranked, even if that's a three-place rise. The expanded investigation found issues with the pawl spring tabs, which can break and allow the doors to open while driving. The Ford vehicles that have the most transmission problems are the 2011 through 2016 Fiesta, and the 2012 through 2016 Focus. Like your self done a lot of research and as you have found the USA have had replacement parts and warranty extended to 10 years. The first symptoms of problems within the transmission are the appearance of transmission. In relation to the faulty DPS6 Powershift dual-clutch automatic transmission, . Do not buy a Ford with a 6-speed dry clutch Powershift transmission. Ford Powershift transmission issues: Are you affected? What. My wife's 2013 automatic Fiesta occasionally gave the powertrain fault warning, but it wasn't persistent and I never noticed anything amiss. Vehicles impacted are the Ford Fiesta (model years 2011-2016) and the Ford Focus (model years 2012-2016) equipped with a PowerShift transmission. The internal transmission filters are only accessible when the transmission has been fully dismantled. this will let you select a fully suitable part for your car. If a door is unlocked, the autolock feature will repeat when:. PowerShift's lightning fast, seamless gear changes make driving smoother while saving fuel and lowering CO2 emissions compared with a normal automatic. Manual Transmission Fluid Type SAE 75W FE gear oil Ford specification WSD-M2C200-D2 API GL-4 fully synthetic. Starting Monday, owners of certain Ford Fiesta and Focus small cars equipped with the automaker’s PowerShift automatic transmission can begin filing settlement. It’s quiet and smooth, but has enough low-down torque that you’re never. The original powertrain warranty for the transmission is 5 years/60,000 miles The warranty extension moves coverage on the seals, dry clutch and TCM reprogramming out to 7 years/100,000 miles. Ford Fiesta Gearbox & Clutch Problems Gearbox & Clutch Problems and faults 640 Owner Problems 23 Recalls 0 Common Problems Engine & Drivetrain (47) Gearbox & Clutch (35) Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights (133) Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres (61) Leaks & Noises (117) Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss (186) 4 responses. The warranty coverage is also extended to the 2014 and 2015 Fiesta cars built before October 15 th, 2014. Failed solenoid, faulty torque converter, low transmission fluids might lead to delay engagement, and worn out gears can lead to transmission slipping. It should also be accompanied by the battery light. Here are the most common causes of whining noises when accelerating: 1. Ford has solved the problems with the 6-speed dry clutch Powershifts by ditching them. It could also indicate that the torque converter is not locking up either. Ford says the affected model years are the 2012-2014 Ford Fiesta, 2013-2014 Ford Fusion and 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ. Needless to say, that's a safety no-no and led to the recall. Dangerous gear changes cause car to both surge and stall - depending upon engine rpm's not. Ford launched the DPS6 dual-clutch transmission, widely known as the PowerShift transmission, on 2011 Fiesta and 2012 Focus models. If you own or lease a 2011 - 2016 Ford Fiesta (whether the issue(s) are fixed or not), you live in California, and you have had 2 or more clutch replacements in the automatic transmission under factory warranty at the ford dealer, we encourage you to call our law firm, or use the convenient free online case evaluation form below. Common Ford Fiesta problems Again, the automatic gearbox was reserved for the 1. The most common transmission option available on a Ford Fiesta currently listed on Gumtree is manual. A head-turning new exterior design gives the iconic small car a stylish presence about town. A choice of advanced Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid options deliver a. We regularly refurbish and replace gearboxes for Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Citroën, and Renault vehicles… and many more besides! Whether you have have an automatic saloon, hatchback, 4×4 or performance. Solution to the Automatic Gearbox Problem The automatic Fiesta will start ok but will stall as soon as you put into gear. 2014-2016 Ford Fiesta Problems & Complaints. But if it’s the torque converter. I’m guessing you bought the car secondhand, which is probably why you got no response from Ford. It's actually very good value for money when you consider how much you'd pay for the same system on bigger cars — on the Fiesta it's a mere snip at (you guessed it) £200. See your Ford or Lincoln Dealer for complete details. 6 forward gears in a Manual transmission. Ford, Fiesta 2018 (68) Ford Fiesta 1. Lot of trouble with clutch packs. In 2010, Ford launched output of the PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. 2012 Ford Fiesta Transmission Recalls: A Full Overview. Whichever model you pick, you get a slick six-speed manual gearbox as standard, but not automatic emergency braking like many small hatchbacks. First of all, the engine has only direct fuel injection and no fuel in the intake ports. Is it physically impossible to move the gear shift into any other position? Here are a few possibilities that could be causing the problem. Also, the computer module eventually becomes overloaded. Stern Law’s compassionate attorneys recognize your Ford transmission troubles are a serious safety concern. Unfortunately, these transmissions are rife with problems due to a significant design flaw in the PowerShift (Ford's marketing name) that causes . The worst complaints are engine, fuel system, and accessories - interior problems. The Ford Fiesta continues building on its position as the UK's best-selling car six‑speed dual-clutch PowerShift automatic transmission . There have been a lot of problems with the auto transmission in that model, so contact Ford and request help with replacing the transmission. PowerShift Transmission Problems. Usually, there a few signs you can look for: Transmission grinding or strange noises; Problems changing or selecting Gears; Slipping gears; Failure to change up . Book easily online - Our support teams is here to help. I have a Ford Fiesta with a Durashift semi auto gearbox its done 55,000 miles on a 53 plate. Ford Fiesta transmission problems have plagued thousands of consumers Ford Fiesta cars with a similar PowerShift automatic transmission. As the journey progresses, the gear changes become more stiff. From fault diagnosis to a fully-reconditioned Ford gearbox, manual or automatic, we've made it easy: compare quotes and garage reviews, and take your pick! We also offer low-cost Ford Clutch Replacement and - if you can't move your car - Mobile Mechanics. Head gasket leaks are serious and can result in problems with the vehicle’s engine. when driving along at average speed, 40 - 50 mph, the car suddenly revs up and the rev counter shoots up to between 5 and 7 rpm. Ford have given a ten year extended warranty on the part in America, in the UK we only get a five year one. 2014 Ford Fiesta transmission problems with 75 complaints from Fiesta owners. Most use a six-speed manual gearbox, but an automatic is available. This can lead to the fuel pump failing. Here's some guidance on fluid checks. Automatic gearbox repairs across Kent, South East and London by automatic gearbox specialists JT Automatics Ltd. Their names are as follows: 2014 Ford Transit Courier, 2013 Ford EcoSport, 2013 Ford Fiesta, 2012 Ford C-Max, 2012 Ford B-Max, 2012 Ford Focus, 2013 Ford Mondeo, 2018 Ford Focus, 2019 Ford Puma mHEV, 2020 Ford Focus mHEv, and 2020 Ford Fiesta mHEV. Post subject: Re: mk2 auto gearbox problem. In fact, it could be argued that the very first production car, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, had one; it certainly didn’t have a clutch. A replacement ABV (Air By-pass valve) and adaptor loom should be fitted. I'm guessing you bought the car secondhand, which is probably why you got no response from Ford. Why isn't Ford doing more to help owners of Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta vehicles with automatic transmissions?. Automatic Transmission Problems of the 2011 Ford Fiesta. uk helps you compare online quotes on gearbox repair, replacement and service. The rear axle welding problem led to the recall campaign of the model manufactured between August and September 2002. Idling speed should be 850 rev. PowerShift improves fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent when compared to a conventional automatic. 2018 Ford Fiesta Transmission. When possible, Mr Clutch will repair your existing gearbox or use a reconditioned gearbox to lower the expense to you - it is your choice. 2015 Ford Fiesta transmission problems with 17 complaints from Fiesta owners. New Fiesta Automatic Gearbox. 80, total amount payable is £10,262.